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On final day of campaign, party leaders square off in Metro Vancouver

The contenders in Monday's federal election are out today staging one final, frantic barrage of sales pitches before voters go to the polls, and they're doing it in and around Vancouver, where a host of seats are still up for grabs.

Elections BC fines Comox man for his full-page ad against proportional representation

Elections BC has levied a fine of $1,000 against a Comox man who took out a newspaper advertisement against proportional representation during the provincial referendum on electoral reform.

B.C. votes to keep first-past-the-post electoral system

For the third time, British Columbians have voted to keep the first-past-the-post system for provincial elections.

Elections B.C. aims to have electoral reform ballots counted before Christmas

About half of the ballots have been processed, according to Elections BC.

Fewer than half of ballots returned so far in B.C.'s electoral reform referendum

Elections BC says its next update on the number of returns will come on Monday. There will be further updates through the week as ballots arrive from service offices.

Voters urged to deliver electoral reform ballots in person as deadline nears

The deadline to cast ballots for B.C.'s referendum on electoral reform is Dec. 7 at 4:30 p.m. PT. Elections BC says nearly 40 per cent of the ballots have been returned so far.

UBC student bridges language gap to boost South Asian votes in electoral reform referendum

As British Columbia slides towards the last week of the electoral reform referendum, one university student is doing her part to try to boost voter turnout within the South Asian community.

Haven't voted in the electoral reform referendum yet? You may get more time

Elections BC says the postal ballot hasn't yet been affected by rotating strikes at Canada Post — but it could extend the deadline if it decides any potential backlog in mail are having an effect on the voting process.

Elections BC urges voters to mail referendum ballots this week as Canada Post strikes continue

Elections BC is urging British Columbians who haven’t yet voted on the upcoming referendum on electoral reform to mail in their ballots this week to make sure they arrive in time.

Are you 'woke' enough to make sense of John Horgan's 'lit' quip?

Halfway through the electoral reform debate, B.C. Premier John Horgan joked: "If you were woke, you'd know that pro rep is lit." It's not the first time the phrase has been used in the campaign.
Electoral reform

Wilkinson says existing system is 'very clear,' Horgan calls proportional representation 'lit'

At a debate over the future of democracy in British Columbia, Premier John Horgan painted his opponent as being out of touch with the needs of 21st century voters. Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson accused the premier of selling the province a system with too many unknowns.
Electoral Reform

B.C.'s referendum explained: rural-urban proportional

Here’s a summary of how it works and what would change for voters.

Only 1.4% of British Columbians have returned their electoral reform referendum ballots so far

The deadline to have your completed ballots returned to Elections BC is Friday, Nov. 30 at 4:30 p.m.
Electoral Reform

B.C.'s referendum explained: mixed member proportional

Here’s a summary of how it works and what would change for voters.
Electoral Reform

B.C.'s referendum explained: dual member proportional

Here’s a summary of how it works and what would change for voters.

First past the post vs. proportional representation: B.C.'s referendum explained

"Which system should British Columbia use for provincial elections? Vote for only one: the current First Past the Post voting system [or] a proportional representation voting system."

B.C. premier, opposition leader to face off in electoral reform debate

The ballots have gone out and now, the debate is set.

Slippery slope or scare story? 2 sides of the debate on proportional representation ballot in B.C.

The ballots for B.C’.s referendum on proportional representation are out and with it comes some surprising political opinions from both sides of the political spectrum on its potential impact.

Proportional representation advocate calls for ranked ballot system for Vancouver

London, Ont. is the first Canadian city to use a ranked ballot system in their civic election. Keith Poore with 123 Vancouver says his city should do the same.

B.C. voters to receive ballots on proposal to change electoral system

British Columbians will soon start receiving mailed ballots for a chance to vote in a referendum that could change the provincial voting system.

B.C. residents evenly split 3 ways over electoral reform: Angus Reid poll

This fall, B.C. will choose whether to keep its current first-past-the-post electoral system or change to a system of proportional representation.

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson challenges premier to debate on proportional representation

“It’s by far the most confusing ballot question that’s ever been used anywhere on this question,” Wilkinson said as he explained why he thinks changing voting systems is a bad idea.

Group opposing change to B.C.'s voting system seeks court injunction

The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association is in B.C. Supreme Court arguing for a delay of the referendum on electoral reform, saying the process is rushed and complicated.

B.C. electoral reform: What's the difference between all these voting systems?

This fall, B.C. will choose whether to keep our current first-past-the-post electoral system, or change to a system of proportional representation. Here's what you need to know.

Why New Zealand's former prime minister believes proportional representation works better

Ahead of B.C.'s referendum on electoral reform, Helen Clark says New Zealand's decision to change to mixed member proportional representation improved politics, with more dialogue, transparency and consultation with parties and the public.

Know your voting systems: three types of electoral reform on B.C.'s ballot

We'll go into more detail on the three alternatives in the weeks ahead, but here's a basic summary of each.

Eby's complicated referendum might be too much for voters to unpack, experts say

The details of British Columbia's upcoming mail-in referendum on electoral reform are complex, even to people well versed in the minutiae of political science.

Plan for B.C. electoral reform referendum misses mark, opposition says

The opposition Liberals are harshly critical of a lack of details on the impact of proposed systems in the recommendations for the referendum on proportional representation.

B.C. to choose between 4 systems for electoral reform referendum

The question was announced by Attorney General David Eby after months of speculation.

Fraser Institute calls for 2 referendums on B.C. electoral reform

For voters to truly understand the magnitude of the potential change they are asked to weigh in on, a second referendum makes sense, the institute argues.

Voters are turned off and want change, proportional representation advocates say

“The way the system is set up now has people just so turned off that they don’t even engage,” said Jean Crowder of the Yes B.C. Proportional Representation Society.

NDP announces B.C. referendum on proportional representation

Attorney General David Eby says voters will receive their mail-in ballots in fall 2018. A vote of 50 per cent plus one will be needed to approve change from first-past-the-post system.