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How B.C. Greens Leader Sonia Furstenau plans to challenge NDP government in 2021, despite reduced influence

When 2020 began, Sonia Furstenau was one of three Green Party MLAs with the power to take down B.C.'s NDP government if they disagreed with any of its policies. It's a bit different now. 

B.C. Liberals' interim leader says party's 1st priority is to listen to and learn from British Columbians

Veteran MLA Shirley Bond is tasked with starting the revamp of a party that lost vote shares in every region of the province in the October election.

Elections B.C. voter turnout estimate rises, but still a historic low

Elections B.C. has revised its estimated voter turnout for the provincial election in October, but the increased figure is still a historic low for the province.

B.C. risks return to severe pandemic restrictions if cases don't come down, premier says

B.C. Premier John Horgan on Monday urged the population to tighten up on their social interactions, as cases of COVID-19 surge across the Lower Mainland, saying there is always the risk the province has to go back to the peak restrictions seen in March, if case numbers do not stop rising.

NDP increase seat count to 57 after final ballots tallied in B.C. election

The New Democrats will govern British Columbia with 57 of 87 seats in the legislature, a decisive majority confirmed Sunday as the final ballot count concluded.

As final vote count begins, lead in 2 B.C. ridings shifts from Liberal to NDP

The four undecided ridings are: Abbotsford-Mission, Chilliwack-Kent, Richmond-South Centre and Vernon-Monashee.

Final countdown: Elections BC begins tallying hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots

After 13 days of scrutinizing and screening the votes that were mailed in, the counting of all those ballots by hand is expected to take at least three three days.

Despite thousands of mail-in ballots, Elections BC says final count on schedule

Elections BC says it expects the final count in last month's election to take at least three days to complete when it begins on Friday.

Give BIPOC candidates ministry portfolios, not just a seat in the legislature, says B.C. expert

Nineteen MLAs have been elected in B.C. who are Black, Indigenous or people of colour, the same number as the last time British Columbians went to the polls.

Too rural, not enough diversity, soul-searching needed: B.C. Liberal candidates speak out on election loss

B.C.'s Liberal party is facing months of reckoning and repair after losing up to a dozen seats in Saturday's provincial election. Critics say its time to speak to a new generation of voters, and consider a name change for the party.

It's time for the B.C. NDP to get serious about UNDRIP, Indigenous leaders say

The province, under John Horgan, passed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act a year ago. Some First Nations leaders say they are still waiting for an action plan.

With many new MLAs and 7 departed ministers, John Horgan faces tough choices in forming next cabinet

From ex-MPs to rookie MLAs in the suburbs, here are some of the people that could be added to cabinet.

Aman Singh makes history as first turban-wearing Sikh elected to B.C. Legislature

Saturday evening was a historic night not just for the NDP, which won a majority government and its largest number of seats ever, but also for Aman Singh as he became the first turban-wearing Sikh ever elected to the B.C. legislature.

Andrew Wilkinson resigning as B.C. Liberal leader after worst party showing in decades

Andrew Wilkinson has resigned as leader of the B.C. Liberal Party, two days after the party had its worst provincial election in decades.  

B.C. Liberals lose vote share in every region of province

The B.C. Liberals lost vote share in every region of the province in Saturday's election, but those losses hurt the party the most in the Fraser Valley and suburban Vancouver, a CBC News analysis has found.

Meet the first B.C. Green Party MLA projected to win a seat on the mainland

Whistler’s Jeremy Valeriote, who is projected to win the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding, is just getting his bearings after an unexpected victory, which would make him the first B.C. Green Party MLA elected outside Vancouver Island.

B.C. Liberals' stranglehold on many Lower Mainland suburbs appears to be broken

From Richmond to the North Shore and far out into the Fraser Valley, Liberal candidates were projected to lose or trailing in what were supposed to be safe seats in Saturday’s election.

B.C. Liberal Party faces leadership questions after worst night in a generation

Andrew Wilkinson spent a lot of the election campaign ensuring physical distancing by standing on top of trucks at small rallies, only to get rolled over when the votes were counted. 

10 reasons why the B.C. NDP had its most successful election ever

The word “historic” gets thrown around a lot, but there’s no better way to describe the NDP’s victory in the B.C. election.

Prominent Liberals staring at defeat as NDP sweeps through B.C.

One by one they fell on Saturday night — prominent and dependable B.C. Liberals projected to lose their seats to an unprecedented show of force by the NDP.

B.C. Greens prove they're here to stay, winning a projected 3 seats

Just a little more than a month into the job as leader of the B.C. Green Party, Sonia Furstenau appears to have expanded her party's footprint in the province.

B.C. NDP will form decisive majority government, CBC News projects

The NDP will form a majority government in British Columbia for the first time in more than 20 years, CBC News projects, as voters opted to stay the course in a tumultuous year and send Leader John Horgan back to the legislature as the only consecutive two-term premier in his party's history. 

Polls close in B.C. as flood of advance and mail-in votes wait to be counted

The polls officially closed at 8 p.m. PT, but it could take some time before voters know whether NDP Leader John Horgan's gamble on a snap election has paid off.

Elections BC aiming for Nov. 16 to return final results

Officials with Elections BC say they hope to deliver the final results of Saturday's election by Nov. 16, but the date is not set in stone since it's unclear how much extra time it will take to count mail-in ballots.

Voters with disabilities disappointed, frustrated by B.C. election campaign

Disability advocates are frustrated that the B.C. election campaign hasn’t shone a light on many of the issues that matter to voters with disabilities.

Rival candidates join forces in Coquitlam, B.C., to show solidarity for transgender rights

Green candidate Nicola Spurling was joined by the NDP's Selina Robinson and Liberal candidate Will Davis at a rally Thursday afternoon in Maillardville.

Finding affordable housing in the Skeena riding is tough. This is how 2 candidates plan to make it easier

B.C. Liberal Party candidate and incumbent Ellis Ross went head-to-head with B.C. NDP candidate Nicole Halbauer Thursday on the hot button election issue of affordable housing in a region where resource extraction is booming.

Candidates in northern B.C. divided over safe supply to ease overdose crisis

B.C. Liberal Mike Morris, candidate for the Prince George-MacKenzie riding, says his party will crack down on illicit drugs as well as safe supply, but both the NDP and B.C. Greens want to expand access to safe drugs.

B.C. NDP recommits to disability legislation, say COVID-19 has made need more pressing

The B.C. New Democrats are promising to introduce a comprehensive piece of legislation ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities within the first sitting of the legislature.

Campaign donation limits in B.C. have levelled playing field, CBC analysis finds

A ban on union and corporate donations to B.C. political parties and a cap on the amount individuals can give has hurt the B.C. Liberals the most, a CBC data analysis has found.

Unconventional candidates forge a path during 2020 election

There are over 70 candidates in the running who are not associated with B.C.'s three mainstream parties.

10 ridings to watch in B.C. on election night

Here’s a quick look at the ridings that will decide who forms government after all the votes are counted, based on our analysis and conversations with party strategists.

B.C.'s snap election means 700,000 ballots will be counted manually, delaying results

British Columbia residents won't learn the results of next Saturday's snap election for at least two weeks after polls close thanks to the need to count hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots by hand.

Vandalism of campaign office, signs, reported by B.C. candidates

A window was broken overnight Friday at the office of Dave Hans, who is running for the BC Liberals in Surrey-Guildford.

NDP candidate Nathan Cullen under fire for dismissive comments about Haida Liberal candidate

Nathan Cullen, who is running in the Stikine riding in Northern B.C., made dismissive remarks about the Liberal candidate for North Coast, Roy Jones Jr., including disrespecting his nickname.

B.C. campaigns heat up with only 1 week left to election day

The main political parties are sparring at full force Saturday — the last recommended day to send mail-in ballots and just one week left to go until election day. 

B.C. Green Party says October fundraising shatters its previous records

The British Columbia Green Party says October has been the best fundraising month in its history, and there's still a week to go until the province goes to the polls.

Laurie Throness resigns from B.C. Liberal Party after comparing free contraception to eugenics

The two-time MLA for Chilliwack-Kent will now run as an independent after saying free contraception "contains a whiff of the old eugenics thing where poor people shouldn't have babies."

B.C.'s political leaders engage in chippy radio debate in home stretch of campaign

A second debate between the leaders of B.C.’s main political parties featured many more pointed barbs between John Horgan and Andrew Wilkinson, but few new commitments or insights.

B.C. Votes 2020: How the provincial leaders' debate unfolded

Revisit CBC Vancouver's live debate night coverage with updates and analysis.

B.C. leaders' answers on white privilege prompt concerns about their grasp of racism issues

Party leaders' responses to a question about white privilege in this week's B.C. election debate have left some observers with big questions about how a lack of understanding on issues of racism could affect how they govern.

Metro Matters newsletter — B.C. election edition: The big takeaways from last night's debate

The stakes for Tuesday night’s debate were perhaps even higher than usual. In a campaign with few off-the-cuff moments and hardly any opportunities for provincial leaders to interact with the public, this was their one moment to appeal directly to voters while critiquing each other directly.

B.C. leaders' debate highlights

Key moments from the 2020 election leaders' debate with NDP Leader John Horgan, Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and Green Leader Sonia Furstenau.

B.C. leaders reflect on racism during debate

The three party leaders were asked about their privilege and unconscious bias as white politicians.

B.C. Liberals still seeking game-changing boost after election debate with no knockout blows

A 90-minute debate between John Horgan, Andrew Wilkinson and Sonia Furstenau, just 11 days before the provincial election, was mostly full of policy debates and mostly empty on overheated rhetoric. 

B.C. leaders spar over pandemic recovery plan in televised debate

The televised debate in B.C. began with the three party leaders explaining their approach to helping the province's economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wilkinson's delay in addressing sexist remarks is concerning for a leader, Bowinn Ma says

The B.C. Liberal leader apologized Tuesday after video from a Sept. 17 event was shared on social media, showing Liberal candidate Jane Thornthwaite saying NDP candidate Bowinn Ma used her appearance to charm a male MLA during a networking event.

Some voters might receive their mail-in ballots too late to return by mail, Elections BC warns

Due to an unprecedented number of vote-by-mail package requests, Elections BC says it is having trouble keeping up and warns some voters might receive their packages after the recommended deadline to return the package by mail.

B.C. Liberals' platform promises new economic plan, review of all provincial taxes

The B.C. Liberal Party has announced its full election platform ahead of the first televised debate of the campaign on Tuesday, highlighting policy promises already made on the campaign trail and doubling down on attacks against the NDP's record over the past three years.

Support for vulnerable youth is lacking, advocates say — but it could help end homelessness

Advocates are calling for a multi-million dollar government investment in support for vulnerable youth in order to break what they call a cycle of homelessness that continues into adulthood as children age out of care. 

NDP promise renter's rebate and rent freeze ahead of B.C. debate

The B.C. New Democrats have announced a renter's rebate as the latest plank of their election platform as parties prepare for the first televised debate of the provincial campaign.

B.C. leaders debate is a chance for voters to truly assess candidates in impersonal, virtual campaign: experts

The leaders of B.C.'s three main political parties will meet Tuesday in a televised debate that political experts say could be one of the few events where voters get a chance to truly assess the leaders in what has been a largely scripted online election campaign.

B.C. Greens platform looks for changes to transit funding, municipal finance system

The B.C. Green Party is calling for a reformation of the financial system used by local governments to help them better address issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

18-year-old B.C. Green Party candidate wants to make history as youngest MLA

Kate O'Connor envisions a greener future for B.C., and she's not going to wait for someone else to make it happen. Having just turned 18 years old, the Green Party candidate for Saanich South is the youngest candidate in provincial history.

B.C. Liberal leader shelves austerity in the name of recovery on the campaign trail

Andrew Wilkinson compares the current pandemic to wartime when it comes to government measures, insisting fiscal prudence must take a backseat to the economic restart.

How to watch the B.C. leaders' debate on Oct. 13

The B.C. leaders' provincial election debate is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. PT and will be broadcast live. The 90-minute televised debate will feature Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau, NDP Leader John Horgan and Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson.

B.C. Liberals make policing pledges while New Democrats promise new cancer care centres

As B.C. Liberal Leader Wilkinson sought to boost the party's law-and-order brand, the New Democrats unveiled further details of the party's 10-year cancer care plan and the Greens announced supports for small businesses and the tourism industry.

B.C. Liberal government would end ICBC monopoly, Wilkinson says

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said, if elected, his government would end ICBC's monopoly on auto insurance in British Columbia and open the market to competition for all forms of auto insurance.

B.C. NDP leading by 18 points, according to new provincial election poll

John Horgan's NDP has 49 per cent support of the electorate, compared to the B.C. Liberals' 31 per cent, and Greens' 14 per cent. 

B.C. NDP platform promises benefit of up to $1,000 to families

Leader John Horgan unveiled the party's platform at 10 a.m. PT this morning, halfway through an election campaign where polls show him in solid position to be re-elected in the Oct. 24 election — something no NDP leader has ever done. 

Horgan denies pandemic aid for small business is being delayed by B.C. election

The NDP leader insists the process of business owners applying for grants would happen at the same speed regardless of the vote, despite reports the funding won't trickle down until year's end.

B.C. NDP leader promises free COVID-19 vaccine during town hall

NDP Leader John Horgan announced during his re-election campaign at a virtual town hall that he is promising free COVID-19 vaccine to British Columbians once it is approved and made available.

B.C. Liberals promise 10-lane bridge to replace Massey Tunnel if elected

A B.C. Liberal government would change plans once again for the aging Massey Tunnel linking Richmond and Delta, saying they would replace the NDP's plan for an eight-lane tunnel with a 10-lane bridge.

B.C. Liberals promise to hold referendum on Surrey's police-force transition if elected

In a written statement on Sunday, the Liberals said "the NDP's mismanagement of the Surrey policing issue has resulted in broken trust and lost confidence."

New faces bring renewal, political opportunity after B.C.'s Oct. 24 election

The number of people not seeking re-election for the New Democrats, Liberals and Greens leaves the door wide open for political opportunity and party renewal, say political experts.

Another minority government would be good for British Columbia: Green leader

B.C. Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau was the first to hold an event Saturday. Furstenau said the most successful result for the Oct. 24 provincial election would be another minority government.

Elections BC finds no evidence of corrupt voting in Surrey-Fleetwood

The investigation was launched after B.C. Liberal candidate Garry Thind was accused of gathering voters' personal info to illegally request vote-by-mail packages.

Have you received a blank mail-in election ballot? Here's how to fill it out

If you’re one of the almost half a million people who have already requested a mail-in ballot for the upcoming provincial election, then you might notice that they look a little different than past years.

Indigenous teen's death sparks calls for youth in care to be a priority in B.C. election

Advocates are skeptical Indigenous youth in care will receive adequate attention during the campaign. It comes after a 17-year-old was found dead in his bedroom closet at an Abbotsford group home, four days after going missing.

NDP, Liberal, Green candidates to debate climate-change issues in B.C. election forum

New Democrat candidate George Heyman, the B.C. Liberals' Peter Milobar and Green Party candidate Adam Olsen will debate climate change and the economy in an online forum on Oct. 8.

B.C. party leaders going head to head on key election issues in televised debate Oct. 13

The British Columbia Broadcast Consortium is presenting the debate, which will air across CBC British Columbia television, radio and digital platforms less than two weeks before the voting public goes to the polls.

Candidates for hotly contested Maple Ridge-Mission riding debate how to tackle homelessness

B.C. NDP candidate Bob D'Eith, Chelsa Meadus from the B.C. Liberal Party and Matt Trenholm from the B.C. Green Party go head-to-head on CBC's The Early Edition.

B.C. NDP promises to increase student grant program to $4,000, create 2,000 tech spaces

The B.C. NDP is promising to increase a British Columbia government student grant program up to $4,000 for eligible students to help them pay tuition, textbook and supply costs.

Almost half a million British Columbians have requested a mail-in ballot

At least 474,000 British Columbians have requested a mail-in ballot for this year's election, a huge increase from the previous election.

B.C. Liberal candidate accused of seeking personal info to request mail-in ballots for voters

A B.C. Liberal Party candidate in the Lower Mainland is alleged to have attempted to collect personal information to request mail-in ballots for voters, a punishable offence under the Elections Act. 

Few details in candidates' plans to tackle homelessness in B.C.

Reacting to a protest in Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood over government inaction over homelessness, the three party leaders spoke out about what they hope to do.

B.C. Liberal candidate criticized for voting against rainbow crosswalk in Langley

A B.C. Liberal Party candidate and Langley Township councillor is under fire for voting against endorsing a rainbow crosswalk. 

B.C. Liberals say they would eliminate PST for a year if elected

Andrew Wilkinson said the PST, currently at seven per cent, would be brought back after one year, but at a reduced rate of three per cent "until the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic."

B.C. Liberals and NDP go tit for tat over health care on the campaign trail

B.C. NDP leader John Horgan is campaigning in British Columbia's northwest today with a promise to complete a long-awaited hospital expansion and replacement project.

Deadline to register to vote in B.C. is here

The deadline is Sept. 26 and you can register online by midnight or over the phone until 8 p.m. PT.

More than speculation tax needed to address housing affordability, says expert

The leaders of B.C.'s two largest parties have duelling visions for tax policy designed to increase housing affordability in the province, but an urban affairs expert says both can work together, and a lot more will still be needed to help renters and owners.

Horgan says B.C.'s Liberals left legacy of 'runaway' housing costs

Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson says community safety has declined as a result of the NDP's housing and mental health and addictions strategies.

Poll suggests B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan's popularity remains high after election call

B.C. NDP Lleader John Horgan’s popularity has fallen slightly since the spring but he still enjoys a significant lead over his challengers, according to a new poll from Research Co.

Northern B.C. has the highest overdose death rate in the province. For one grieving mom, enough is enough

Nicole Lindsay, whose son died from a fentanyl overdose, is calling on B.C. political parties to make safe supply an election promise.

Metro Matters newsletter — B.C. election edition: The campaigning begins in earnest

On Wednesday, it wasn’t the pandemic, but B.C.’s other health emergency that was the subject of campaign trail debate.

Election should be a test of premier's trustworthiness, B.C. Liberal leader says

The B.C. Liberal leader attacked the NDP leader for the snap election, accusing him of delaying the economic recovery plan for political gain, calling it an "unethical power grab" and argued the election should be a referendum on whether people trust Horgan. 

Mental health and addictions key election issue for Vancouver Island mayors

Municipal leaders in Nanaimo and Victoria say the next provincial government must help their most vulnerable residents.

Surrey expected to once again be key battleground in B.C. election

The last stop B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan made during the 2017 election campaign was on the Surrey side of the Port Mann Bridge, where he held a sign that said, “End tolls, vote NDP,” while he waved at drivers.

Canada Post still seeing delays as added burden of B.C. election ballots expected

As Elections BC anticipates a significant rise in the number of voters who cast a ballot by mail this election, Canada Post is continuing to experience delivery delays.

Introducing Metro Matters: B.C. election edition

This election campaign is going to look different — for voters, for reporters, and for the parties and candidates themselves. We’re here to make sense of it. So for the duration of the campaign, Metro Matters will be putting out a special election edition, which you can expect in your inbox every evening of the campaign Monday through Friday.

Here are all the candidates running in the 2020 B.C. election

The NDP and B.C. Liberals will be the only two parties to field a full slate of candidates in the 2020 election.

Mail-in voting will play major role in B.C. election, officials say

More than a third of voters in B.C. are expected to vote by mail in the upcoming provincial election, according to officials, with thousands of people already having asked to receive their ballot by mail since the campaign began 24 hours ago.

B.C. NDP nominates former MP for Stikine riding over Indigenous woman, despite equity policy

The B.C. NDP has nominated former MP Nathan Cullen as its candidate for the Stikine riding, one week after Indigenous leader Annita McPhee put her name forward for the position. 

How will voting work in B.C. during a pandemic?

What we know about the way voting in the Oct. 24 provincial election will work, and how you can exercise your democratic right safely.

John Horgan promises stability in B.C.'s pandemic response, despite instability of election campaign

While a fall election brings inevitable uncertainty about who will manage the coming months and years of B.C.'s COVID-19 response, NDP Leader John Horgan insists there will be stable oversight of the pandemic — at least while the campaign is underway.

B.C. voters heading to the polls as snap election called for Oct. 24

After weeks of speculation, B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan has made official the worst-kept secret in the province: British Columbians are heading to the polls.