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Refugee who lost fingers to frostbite chasing soccer dreams

A refugee who lost fingers to frostbite while coming to Canada is chasing his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

Woman found dead near border was en route to Canada to see newborn granddaughter

A Ghanaian woman found dead near the Canada-U.S. border was on her way to see her newborn granddaughter in Toronto and had been living in the U.S. under an expired visa, CBC News has learned.

Cabinet to map out scenarios for dealing with border-crossers

Federal cabinet ministers are set for an in-depth discussion of the practical and political pressures being placed on the Liberal government by a rising number of asylum seekers in Canada.

UN concerned about plight of asylum seekers walking into Manitoba

The United Nations says it is concerned about asylum seekers who are coming into Manitoba on foot in the bitter cold to make refugee claims.

Border services sets up emergency trailer to make space for refuge seekers

The Canada Border Services Agency has set up a trailer near the border town of Emerson, Man., to help asylum seekers who want to file for refugee status. More than 140 people have walked into Manitoba from the U.S. since January.

Asylum seekers learning to cope without hands after frostbitten walk into Canada

It's been exactly two months since Seidu Mohammed and Razak Iyal almost froze to death walking across the border into Manitoba from the United States, and while they're grateful to be in Canada, they're struggling to cope.

Central American corridor a dangerous route for migrants heading to Canada

With European borders tightening and increased anti-immigration anxiety in the United States, a rising number of migrants from as far away as Africa and Asia are turning to the Central American migrant corridor in the hopes of reaching a new promised land: Canada. CBC spoke with several of them this week in Mexico.

RCMP bracing for more border crossers amid community concerns

Manitoba RCMP's commanding officer, Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, says his force is doing its due diligence on the border and has added more resources to this area.

Salvation Army centre offers 30 beds for refugee claimants coming to Manitoba

Winnipeg's Salvation Army is stepping in to help house refugee claimants who walk across the Canada-U.S. border into Manitoba.

Times Square sculpture mixes Valentine with protest

Created by a Canadian-led design team, the winning sculpture in this year's annual Valentine-themed competition in Times Square is both a tribute to the millions of immigrants who make up the city and a message of protest in turbulent times.

Minnesota churches offer sanctuary as alternative to crossing border on foot

A multi-faith group in Minnesota is offering up their buildings as sanctuary for people whose asylum claims have been rejected in the United States — and who may be fearing immigration raids or considering crossing the international border on foot to apply for refugee status in Canada.

Quebec sees biggest increase in illegal crossings from U.S., RCMP says

Quebec is dealing with Canada's largest increase in the number of asylum seekers crossing illegally into the country from the U.S., law enforcement officials say.

Emerson community response 'almost seamless' dealing with 21 asylum-seekers over the weekend, reeve says

Just two days after the town held an emergency meeting to clear up protocol facing a recent surge of refugees crossing the border, the reeve of Emerson, Man. says the community and law enforcement worked smoothly when put to the test.

U.S. needs to be 'much more vigilant' to stem flow of asylum seekers: security expert

Canadian and U.S. officials need to co-ordinate their efforts to help stem the flow of would-be refugee claimants sneaking into Canada, which includes beefing up patrols on roads heading north to the border, says one security expert.

Many Somalis in Minnesota 'willing to take the risk' to sneak into Canada

Somalis whose U.S. asylum claims have been rejected often end up in Minneapolis, where they strategize ways to get to Canada.

'Everything was hurting so bad': How one Muslim man snuck across the U.S. border into Canada

In the dead of winter, a Muslim man with a backpack and a bike snuck across the U.S. border into Canada. This is his story.

Why refugees are choosing to cross into Manitoba instead of Saskatchewan

The lack of legal aid in Saskatchewan is leading many refugees to chose to cross over into Manitoba instead, according to Manitoba immigration and refugee lawyer Bashir Khan.

'I want to die,' 2-year-old refugee said during hours-long walk to Manitoba from U.S.

A two-year-old member of a large group of refugees who walked into Manitoba from Minnesota on Saturday told his mother he wanted to die instead of finish the walk, a refugee from the group says.

'Informal' network helping refuge seekers get to Manitoba, U.S. officials say

U.S. officials say an underground railroad between Minneapolis and the Canadian border is enabling an increasing number of refuge seekers to get into this country.

22 people crossed U.S. border into Emerson on weekend

Nearly two dozen refugees who walked across the Canada-U.S. border over the weekend have officials in a Manitoba community worried about whether they can keep up with the trend that only seems to be growing.

'This is right off the scale': Border town seeks help after spike in refugees

Nearly two dozen refugees who walked across the Canada-U.S. border over the weekend have officials in a Manitoba community worried about whether they can keep up with the trend that only seems to be growing.

Should Winnipeg become a sanctuary city? Bowman says city may be welcoming enough

Designating Winnipeg a "sanctuary city" in the spirit of inclusivity seems like a good idea, but it may be unnecessary thanks to pre-existing commitments the city has made that already embrace newcomers, diversity and equality, Mayor Brian Bowman says.

Frostbitten refugees on road to recovery

Two refugees from Ghana who walked into Canada during dangerous cold in December say it was worth the risk.

'We are part of the Canadian people' now, frostbitten refugee on road to recovery says

After all his fingers were removed because of severe frostbite, a Ghanaian refugee who walked into Canada seeking asylum on Christmas Eve says he's healing well, although the pain bothers him at bedtime.

Helping freezing refugees 'not at all uncommon' in Manitoba border town

Residents of the border town of Emerson, Man. say they've lost count of how many refugees have crossed into Canada since November.

Scrap safe country pact with U.S., advocates and professors urge Ottawa

A longtime Winnipeg human rights and immigration advocate is joining the growing chorus of voices demanding the federal government dump its Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States.

'We saw what happened in the airports': Asylum seekers from U.S. surge into Manitoba

The number of refugees scrambling across the Canada-U.S. border, cutting through snowy fields to seek asylum in Manitoba, has soared since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council staff say.

FAQ: How refugee claimants seek asylum in Canada

Multiple provinces have seen a spike in the number of asylum seekers sneaking across the border between the United States and Canada.

Frostbitten refugee will lose fingers, toe after 7-hour trek to cross U.S.-Canada border

A Ghanaian refugee who almost died while trying to cross the U.S.-Canada border into Manitoba on Christmas Eve will lose his fingers, a toe and possibly his arms.

New numbers show spike in asylum seekers crossing from U.S. to Manitoba

The number of asylum seekers crossing the Canada-U.S. border into Manitoba on foot instead of through official ports of entry has risen fivefold in the past three years.

'He was running away to save his life,' refugee says of men's frigid journey across Canadian border

It's a life-or-death decision to try to cross the U.S.-Canada border illegally, and one former refugee — now living in Winnipeg — says people only attempt the dangerous journey because they have no other choice.

Hundreds of asylum seekers entering Manitoba near Emerson border

Hundreds of refugees have entered Manitoba near the Emerson border crossing in an attempt to get asylum in Canada over the last year, CBC News has learned.

'They almost froze to death': Refugees frostbitten after walking to Manitoba border

A pair of refugees from Ghana are recovering in hospital after getting frostbite while trying to get to Winnipeg on Christmas Eve.

Yahya Samatar, Somali who swam into Canada, wins bid to stay here

Yahya Samatar, the Somali man who swam across the Red River from North Dakota to Manitoba, is allowed to stay in Canada as a "protected person" and cannot be deported, ruled an adjudicator today.