'I'm freezing to death': 911 call shows compassionate RCMP response to asylum seekers en route to Canada

A 911 call made by a Somali refugee claimant who nearly froze to death in a brutal Manitoba winter provides rare insight into the extraordinary measures asylum seekers take to get into Canada.

On the menu for asylum seekers — meals that meet religious needs

The Canada Border Services Agency is making sure religious dietary concerns are respected when asylum seekers are taken into custody after walking into Canada and spent about $770,000 on meals in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Grateful newcomers hope prosthetic hands will help them grab the Canadian dream

Two men who lost all their fingers to frostbite after crossing into Canada during bitter cold temperatures have been given a new lease on life with new prosthetic hands.

'We can't forget about that night': 1 year later, refugees recall near-fatal Christmas Eve walk across border

They almost died trying to reach Canada. One year later, two Ghanaian refugees whose harrowing story attracted worldwide attention are reflecting on their new life as the Christmas Eve anniversary of their near-deadly trek into Canada approaches.

Refugee shelter in Gretna, Man., closing due to lack of demand

A temporary shelter for asylum-seekers in Gretna, Man., is closing due to a decrease in the number of people crossing the border.

'I have hope': Most refugees now waiting 16 months to have claims heard

The average wait time before people can go in front of the refugee board has grown to 16 months, but officials say it could become even longer.

Single mom, sons 1st tenants at new home for refugees in Winnipeg

After fleeing political persecution in Ethiopia, 25-year-old Kuku Admasu is making a new life for herself and her two sons in a brand-new transitional home for asylum seekers in Winnipeg.

Will Donald Trump's latest travel restrictions push more asylum seekers into Canada?

In conversations at coffee shops in border towns across Canada, the talk inevitably turns to the latest political move by an unpredictable president to the south and what that means for the flow of people into this country.

Refugee who lost fingers to frostbite chasing soccer dreams

A refugee who lost fingers to frostbite while coming to Canada is chasing his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

UN refugee agency checks on asylum seekers in Emerson

The United Nations refugee agency has sent a representative to Manitoba to check how asylum seekers are being processed near the border with the U.S.


Bracing for possible spike in asylum seekers crossing border over long weekend

After a dip in the number of people walking across the border last month, agencies working with refugees in Manitoba are bracing themselves for a possible surge over the Canada Day long weekend.

Declining number of asylum seekers surprises reeve of Manitoba border town

The reeve of the Manitoba town that’s been the backdoor to Canada for asylum seekers entering Canada from the U.S. wonders if the recent discovery of the body of a Ghanaian woman has scared refugee claimants from making the trek across the border.

Number of refugees crossing into Manitoba declines

After soaring numbers earlier this year, the number of people RCMP found walking across the border into Manitoba went down in April, and then again in May.

Refugee who lost fingers to frostbite wins bid to stay in Canada

Razak Iyal, a refugee who lost fingers to frostbite after walking into Canada on Christmas Eve, has won his bid to stay in Canada.

'Justice delayed is justice denied': Fewer than half of refugee claims being heard on time

In the first four months of this year, only 44 per cent of refugee claims were heard on time. In 2016, about 52 per cent made it to the board on time, a drop from 70 per cent in 2013, according to numbers from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

'Everything here is beautiful': Frostbitten refugee in awe at first Pride

​Staring at the sea of rainbow colours that blanketed Winnipeg Sunday morning, Seidu Mohammed was in awe.

Woman found dead near border was en route to Canada to see newborn granddaughter

A Ghanaian woman found dead near the Canada-U.S. border was on her way to see her newborn granddaughter in Toronto and had been living in the U.S. under an expired visa, CBC News has learned.

'It's just too dangerous': Death near the border was inevitable, U.S. border patrol agent says

Scott Webster, a deputy patrol agent in charge of the Pembina Border Station, walks past a gravel road, where he parked his truck, to a long, empty drainage ditch in Minnesota where a woman's body was found.


Asylum agreement with U.S. to blame for woman's death near border, lawyer says

An agreement signed between Canada and the United States is to blame for the recent death of Mavis Otuteye, a presumed asylum seeker found dead less than a kilometre from the Canadian border, a Winnipeg immigration lawyer says.

'It's just too dangerous': Death near the border was inevitable, U.S. patrol agent says

Scott Webster, a deputy patrol agent in charge of the Pembina Border Station, walks past a gravel road where he has parked his truck to a long, empty drainage ditch in Minnesota where a woman's body was found.

'We can't leave her body': Manitoba Ghanaians want to help after border crosser found dead

Manitoba's Ghanaian community is devastated after a woman's body was found less than a kilometre south of the Canadian border in Minnesota.

Body of woman, 57, found near Manitoba border believed to be asylum seeker, U.S. police say

A body found less than a kilometre from the Manitoba border in Minnesota is believed to be that of an asylum seeker who died of hypothermia, police say.

'No one chooses to be a refugee': Manitoba refugees share stories, tackle misconceptions

Refugees who now call Manitoba home came together to share their stories in Winnipeg on Tuesday night.


Asylum seeker charged with assault says he's not violent

Ahmed Aden Ali, a Somali asylum seeker who crossed the border on foot a month ago, is pleading his case to stay in Canada after being charged with assaulting a border guard in Emerson, Man.


Tempers flare in Manitoba border town after Conservative MPs visit

A visit by two federal Conservative politicians to the Manitoba border town of Emerson on Friday morning has highlighted the growing divisions in the community over the influx of asylum seekers.