As education workers discuss possible strike, advocate says EAs should get paid more

Educational assistants (EAs) are still fighting the provincial government over wage increases and one Windsor mother is continuing to fight alongside the workers who help her children. “The public would say $39,000 sounds like an OK salary to get by,” said Megan Ball Rigden, whose two children have autism.

Vulnerable students, families want a normal school year too, but COVID-19 still top of mind

With few COVID-19 measures left in school settings, plus a renewed focus on in-person rather than virtual learning, this back-to-school season has felt more like pre-pandemic times. Yet the coronavirus remains top of mind for those students and families who are at higher risk, with some experts saying they've been left to fend for themselves.

Study permit delays impacting thousands of international students coming to Waterloo region

Thousands of international students hoping to have been in Waterloo region for the start of the fall semester are still back in their home countries, waiting to hear about the status of their Canadian study permits.
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My autistic son collects bottles to save axolotls, and inspires me to do better by kids like him

Jason Wyatt's son, William, has autism and ADHD. That makes him see the world differently and, in turn, has got Jason rethinking his role as a parent and teacher.
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What will school communities look like now that pandemic measures have been lifted?

Since March of 2020, parents, and some kids, have been largely absent from school. But as students and teachers head back to class this week with many pandemic measures lifted, how can families begin to rebond with their school communities?

Manitoba First Nation schools cautiously optimistic about new year

First Nation students across Manitoba returned to the classroom this week, many of them in person for the first time in two years.

Agencies stepping up to help Sudbury families fielding inflated back-to-school costs

Inflated prices of everything from backpacks, to shoes are stressing the budgets of Sudbury families as their children head back to the classroom.

Okanagan boy unable to return to school after province halts seizure care plan

An Okanagan parent says her nine-year-old son is unable to return to school after the B.C. government stopped allowing educational assistants (EAs) to administer seizure medication.

Critics call for suspension of Alberta teacher registry and review of privacy concerns, 'legal loopholes'

Some parents and policy experts say the Alberta government should consider suspending or removing its new teacher registry until it can address a number of privacy and safety concerns.

Unsanctioned gatherings will not be tolerated, says Laurier's VP of student affairs

Wilfrid Laurier University said the school's Special Constable Service is working with police to increase security presence around campus after hundreds of students took part in a large, unsanctioned gathering over the weekend.

Northern Ontario school boards grapple with recruiting student support staff as need intensifies

One Sudbury mom is wishing for more support for one of her two elementary school-aged sons as they head back to in-class learning after pandemic. Ashley Gibson-Taylor says her outgoing 11-year-old is enthusiastic to reconnect with friends while her eight-year-old with special needs is relying on the help of an educational assistant to figure out a reintegration plan.

Educational assistants in Ontario say they're fighting to make a livable wage

Educational assistants work with students who need support. They do everything from assisting them with their education, feeding them and taking them to the bathroom. Some even help control behavioural issues children may have.

'It's a new start': Manitoba teachers welcome students to 1st near-normal school year since 2020

A bundle of emotions is mixing with the cool fall air as Manitoba students head back to school — some attending classes with others for the very first time.

Hamilton parents are happy — and worried — about heading back to school with no restrictions

Some parents in Hamilton have conflicted feelings about going back to school now that restrictions have loosened up significantly.

Excitement, adrenaline, jitters: what Canadians are feeling on the first day of school

This school year, students in kindergarten through Grade 12 are filing into classrooms much more reminiscent of pre-pandemic times. Parents, teachers and students tell us about the first day, share what's on their minds and tell us the things they're looking forward to.

Overdose education should be mandatory in B.C. schools amid opioid crisis, advocates say

A Simon Fraser University student is among a number of advocates who deliver overdose education in B.C. schools but want such information made a mandatory part of the curriculum as the public health emergency continues.

Kids are walking and biking to school again. Here are some ways their commute is being made safer

Many families are opting for alternative ways to get the kids to class to avoid the headaches of the school run. But some parents say infrastructure still has to be improved around schools for those who walk or bike to class — something local governments say they're working on.

Exclusion of students with complex needs on the rise in schools, report finds

Exclusion of students with complex needs is on the rise, according to a new report from the BCEdAccess Society, a registered non-profit that advocates for children. 

Northeastern elementary and secondary schools back to capacity amid concerns about flu and COVID combined

Expectations for a more normal school year for 2022-23 in northeastern schools are running high, tempered with some nerves, with all but a handful of students back in class.

High inflation leaves Hamilton parents with an expensive return to school

Parents of students returning to school this week are struggling to afford supplies, food, clothing, and to pay bills due to inflation. Many local organizations are ramping up backpack programs to help families in need.

As parents send kids back to school, COVID-19 concerns loom. Here's what you need to know

As students head back to school this week, the COVID-19 restrictions they navigated for the last two school years are largely measures of the past.

New class, new country: Children escaping war in Ukraine get ready to start school in Manitoba

Like many other five-year-olds, Maksym Okhrimenko is getting ready to start kindergarten. But for him, that means more than just getting used to a new class or teacher. Maksym, who is from Ukraine, is getting ready to learn in a new language and in a new country.

B.C. teachers' union warns of possible staff shortages this school year

The union representing teachers in B.C. is sounding the alarm on a possible teacher shortage just as the new school year begins.
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After 2 years of pandemic school, I took a gap year for my mental well-being

Being a high school student is already stressful. The pandemic brought added pressures for Malcolm Parker.

Back-to-school sticker shock hits home for New Brunswick parents

School supplies can be added to the list of items that have gone up in price thanks to inflation. And that has some parents wondering how they will afford everything their children will need to head back to the classroom.