Timothy Sawa

Investigative journalist

Timothy Sawa works for CBC's Investigative Unit and the fifth estate, and has been an investigative journalist at CBC News for more than a decade. He has produced investigations looking at police corruption, sexual abuse in public institutions and offshore tax evasion.

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Class-action lawsuit against Peter Nygard on hold after U.S. government requests stay of proceedings

Court records show the judge presiding over the case, which involves allegations of sexual assault and rape dating back to 1977, entered a stay of proceedings on Friday in the Southern District of New York.

Sons accuse fashion boss Nygard of paying 'known sex worker' to rape them as teens

Two of Peter Nygard’s sons launched a new lawsuit filed Sunday, saying their fashion executive father set them up to be raped by his girlfriend — a "known sex worker" —  when they were teens.

18 Canadians among new accusers in Peter Nygard rape lawsuit

Eighteen Canadians are among 36 women who have newly come forward to say they were sexually assaulted by Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard. The allegations are contained in an updated class-action legal complaint filed in New York on Monday.
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Doctors face sanctions for prescribing unproven COVID-19 drugs to friends and family, regulators warn

Medical regulators in Canada suspect some doctors have been stockpiling drugs that are being tested as potential treatments for COVID-19 and are now warning them they can be sanctioned if they prescribe the drugs to themselves or friends and family.

Police in Bahamas investigating sex assault allegations against Peter Nygard

Peter Nygard, one of Canada's wealthiest businessmen and clothing manufacturers, is the target of a police investigation in the Bahamas involving allegations of sexual assault by four women, CBC's The Fifth Estate has learned. 

Peter Nygard, Canadian clothing manufacturer, accused of raping 10 women and girls in class-action lawsuit

This story contains disturbing details. Ten women filed a civil class-action lawsuit Thursday accusing Peter Nygard, one of Canada’s wealthiest businessmen and clothing manufacturers, of raping them at his seaside mansion in the Bahamas, and operating what they refer to as a “sex trafficking ring."

'Just a matter of time': Police pursue 'significant' number of new tips in Muskoka mystery of missing seniors

After two decades, the Ontario Provincial Police have received substantial tips that are helping them advance their investigation into what happened to four seniors who disappeared from the province's Muskoka region in the late 1990s, The Fifth Estate has learned.

'Crazy out there': Increasing violence in North Central Regina has residents looking for solutions

With an increase in gang and gun violence in Regina, the city’s police service has been adding to its arsenal, including buying an armoured vehicle and equipping officers with semi-automatic rifles. But a successful program out of the U.S. shows there’s another way to deal with the problem.
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Costco fined $7.2M for accepting illegal kickbacks

The Ontario government fines Costco more than $7 million after an investigation into allegations the bulk food giant asked for illegal kickbacks from a generic drug manufacturer.

'Greed is a powerful weapon': Are illegal kickbacks in Ontario driving up the cost of your generic drugs?

A hidden camera investigation and confidential documents obtained by The Fifth Estate raise questions about whether Canada’s largest pharmaceutical distributor is profiting from illegal kickbacks on sales of generic drugs in Ontario.

Costco under investigation by Ontario forensic team over drug company payments

Costco is under investigation by an Ontario government forensic team that specializes in “allegations of wrongdoing against government” after the retail giant received $1.2 million in potentially illegal payments from a generic drugmaker, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Like 'flipping a coin': Why it's so hard to test drivers for pot

The federal government plans to invest $81 million to train police officers to smoke out drivers impaired by pot across Canada while using a test experts say is flawed and that is being challenged in a U.S court.

Undercover FBI agent defends role in drawing 3rd man into Via Rail terror investigation

The FBI undercover agent at the centre of a plot by two men planning to derail a Via Rail train travelling from New York to Toronto stands by a controversial decision to target a third suspect who was living in Quebec City at the time.

Muskoka mystery: Family linked to disappearance of seniors fights release of police documents

Members of the family who were the focus of a Fifth Estate investigation into the disappearance of four seniors in Ontario’s Muskoka region are fighting the release of additional information from police documents that were obtained earlier this year.
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Brock University faced earlier sex assault complaint involving history professor

The professor at the centre of Brock University’s recent sexual harassment scandal faced a very similar allegation from a different student only months earlier in a complaint also involving large amounts of alcohol, CBC News has learned.