Peter Mansbridge

Former Chief Correspondent CBC News

Peter Mansbridge is the former chief correspondent of CBC News and Distinguished Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.

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Canadians of all races, backgrounds served in battles commemorated on Remembrance Day: Peter Mansbridge

The story is one of a nation that sent its best to fight a vicious enemy. Its best: from little prairie towns, and big urban centres. They were of all colours, from all cultures and all religions.
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'None of them speak my language': Frustration with politicians echoes across Canada: Peter Mansbridge

Former CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge travelled across the country ahead of Monday’s federal election to talk to average Canadians, and found that underneath what many of them said there was an undercurrent of frustration with the people fighting to represent them.

For 2 months, the Raptors made Canadians forget about hockey: Peter Mansbridge

Spring has usually meant hockey in this country. But the championship run of the Toronto Raptors has revealed there's room for two in the hearts of Canadians.
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No more Normandy: 75 years after D-Day, a world war would look very different: Peter Mansbridge

Is a global conflict really a thing of the past, 75 years after Canadian troops stormed the beaches of Normandy? Military and defence experts are stark in their assessment of what a world war could look like now, former CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge writes.
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Remembering Michael Maclear's legendary life reporting from the front lines of history

Peter Mansbridge looks back on the life and times of one of his heroes: Michael Maclear. The legendary foreign correspondent gave Canadians an up-close view of many of the most important events of the 20th century. He passed away on Christmas Day at age 89.
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Congratulations to Harry and Meghan, but long live the Queen

As the royal wedding and all its pomp and circumstance approach, Peter Mansbridge looks down the road a few years and into the uncertainties for the monarchy in a post-Elizabethan era.

Covering world news isn't cheap, but cost of ignoring it is far greater: Peter Mansbridge

Covering today's world isn't cheap, but the cost of turning our backs on stories outside of our backyard is far greater, writes Peter Mansbridge, who moderated his last The National in Conversation town hall with CBC's foreign correspondents.

Why Vimy matters: Peter Mansbridge on a battle that defined us

The monument at Vimy can take your breath away, but we should never forget its true meaning — to remember 11,285 Canadians who died in France during the First World War but whose bodies were never found.

How to teach a new generation about Vimy: Peter Mansbridge

How do you engage a new generation with an old story about a military battle thousands of kilometres away?
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Peres saw hope for world shaped by younger generations: Peter Mansbridge

CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge recollects a dinner in Toronto with Shimon Peres, still lively and engaging in his 92nd year.

Up to athletes to redeem Olympic Games in Rio: Peter Mansbridge

The Olympics seem to have their share of problems, no matter the host city. Rio de Janeiro, however, seems to be in a dubious class of its own. But Zika-transmitting mosquitoes and a litany of other distractions won't stop the athletes from striving to make their achievements what everyone remembers about these Games. It won't be easy.

What Peter Mansbridge's passports have taught him about being Canadian

The Chief Correspondent of CBC News says his passports define Canada for him, because he's learned so much about being Canadian when reporting from other countries.

A new way to interview the prime minister

Sunday night, CBC News brings you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'Face to Face' with 10 ordinary Canadians with their own set of concerns. As chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge says, it's a new way to interview the PM.

How The National's Justin Trudeau access doc came together

CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge explains how he got unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the day he was sworn in.

Behind the scenes with Justin Trudeau on his 1st day as PM

Justin Trudeau says the day of his swearing in was not a day to think about his father, but as Peter Mansbridge discovers, Pierre Trudeau looms large on the day his son became the 23rd prime minister.