Perlita Stroh

Producer, The National

Perlita Stroh is a producer with The National at CBC News. She works on news and current affairs stories and is based in Toronto.

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Pandemic threatens to wipe out decades of progress for working mothers

During COVID-19, women's participation in the Canadian workforce has fallen to a level not seen since the mid-80s, with unprecedented job losses and an unequal burden at home. That's not just bad for women, but the entire economy, say experts.

Stress, anxiety a heavy burden for people who can't work from home or properly isolate

Some pockets of Canadian society are being hit harder by COVID-19 than others, and there's increasing pressure on people like front line workers and homeless people who aren't able to isolate themselves from the community.

'There was no normal to come back to': Former Diamond Princess cruise passengers struggle with long isolation

The ship's 47 Canadian passengers had already been through a month of quarantine and isolation before returning home.

COVID-19 isolation measures increase risk for those in abusive relationships

Imposed isolation is meant to protect us from COVID-19, but it's also putting many people at a higher level of risk because they're confined in a space with the very person who is abusing them.

Depression and anxiety are no laughing matter - except at Stand Up For Mental Health

Program coaches people with mental health issues to create stand-up comedy routines from their struggles, complementing therapy and helping them open up about their challenges.

How 3D holograms and AI are preserving Holocaust survivors' stories

Canadian Max Eisen has had his memories of what happened to him and his family during the Holocaust archived using an interactive system powered by artificial intelligence.

'We call it the intensive care unit for a reason': SickKids ICU simulation pushes fundraising boundaries

Innovative SickKids awareness-raising event with Airbnb lets people book a room in a mock ICU at the hospital to see what staff and patients experience every day.

Why Rainer Hoess is making sure the atrocities his Nazi grandfather perpetrated are never forgotten

Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess oversaw deaths of more than one million people, and his grandson Rainer has made it his life's work to ensure the world remembers how hate and intolerance led to atrocity.

Living in fear but compelled to help: Daughter of murdered billionaire couple goes public

Alexandra Krawczyk, daughter of murdered billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman, fears for her family's safety as police continue to search for the killer. But she's determined to ensure the philanthropic work in which her parents invested millions doesn't falter.

Clown therapy: Hospital team helps patients, parents 'through the hard times'

The therapeutic clown program at The Hospital For Sick Children has helped thousands of youngsters who need a friend - and a smile. While Jamie Sneddon says it's one of the best jobs in the world, it's far from easy.

'It's impossible to turn away from this job': photographer Lynsey Addario on what drives her into danger

The most dangerous places on the planet exert an irresistible pull on Lynsey Addario, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist has never shied away from shining a spotlight on victims of war and oppression despite the peril it puts her in.

Ottawa rejects plea for nationwide conversion therapy ban

Federal government responds to petition to ban conversion therapies with statement saying they are 'immoral, painful, and do not reflect the values of our government or those of Canadians,' but adding that their governance is largely a provincial and territorial issue.

Sting opens up about his troubled childhood, theatrical inspiration and refitting The Last Ship

The former frontman of The Police has had a wildly successful music career, but he's been facing big challenges on the theatrical stage that have forced a revamp of his play The Last Ship.

Feeling lonely? You're not alone — and it could be affecting your physical health

With researchers sounding the alarm that loneliness can cause serious physical as well as mental harm, and statistics indicating rates are on the rise, here are coping strategies people are using to deal with their feelings of being disconnected.

MS St. Louis survivor says Canada's apology 'a good thing,' but it won't salve emotional scars

Sol Messinger, one of the last living MS St. Louis survivors, twice managed to escape the Nazis in WWII after Canada turned down his family's plea for sanctuary. But he's emotionally scared by his experiences, and by the deaths of the 254 passengers who perished in Europe's concentration camps.