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Rex Murphy was born and raised in St. John's, where he graduated from Memorial University. In 1968, Murphy, a Rhodes Scholar, went to Oxford University (along with former U.S. president Bill Clinton). Back in Newfoundland, he was soon established as a quick-witted and accomplished writer, broadcaster and teacher. He was the long-time host of CBC Radio's Cross Country Checkup. Murphy has given paid talks to energy companies.

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The crisis in Alberta should be top of the first ministers' agenda

"It is very careless politics, feeding forces of friction between provinces, confirming suspicions that Central Canadian mandarins are not really all that convinced that this is a national problem at all,” Rex Murphy says of the federal reaction to Alberta’s crisis.

Albertans are buckling up for a throwdown over pipelines, oilsands and Trans Mountain

"It is going to get a lot more difficult politically and otherwise to sideline those who support Alberta oil, and the days of semi-apology for even being in the oil industry are done." — Rex Murphy, after a visit to Fort McMurray.

Why Trudeau and his Liberals are now the targets that Kinder Morgan once was

"There never should have been the need for the buyout. It is a crazy outcome to a crazy situation."

The delicious irony of Donald Trump's approval of the Keystone XL pipeline: Rex Murphy

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has gotten a big political break, from an unlikely source

Justin Trudeau's easy ride will end in 2017: Rex Murphy

Canada's prime minister owned 2016, but he won't have the same stronghold on 2017.

International community's impotence is steadfast when it comes to Syrian war: Rex Murphy

As the crisis in Syria continues to deteriorate, the international community remains steadfast in its complete and utter impotence to act, says Rex Murphy in his latest rant for CBC's The National.

Rex Murphy on Calgary: 'Where are the city's allies?'

'Were I a Calgarian, I’d be first perplexed, and then perhaps angry.' Rex Murphy has some tough questions about the national response to our energy industry and downturn. He writes on how a prosperous Calgary with a global reach added a balance to Confederation.

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Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy: A true loss in John Furlong

Rex Murphy knew John Furlong for decades, and credits him as a brilliant journalist who provided help when he needed it most.

Neil Young's oilsands stance is unfair: Rex Murphy

Responding to Canadian rocker Neil Young's barbed criticism of the Alberta oilsands, Rex Murphy says that Fort McMurray cannot be "the concentrated vessel of every wrong and mischance of the world energy industry."