Perlita Stroh

Producer, The National

Perlita Stroh is a producer with The National at CBC News. She works on news and current affairs stories and is based in Toronto.

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As more travellers return to the skies, aviation's environmental impact fuels concern

Demand for airline tickets is returning at same time that COP26 is drawing more attention to emissions.

More Canadians turning to cannabis to help deal with pandemic pressures

Reasons people cited for using cannabis, according to a recent Statistics Canada report, include increased stress, boredom and loneliness.

From restaurant staff to pilots, pandemic is pushing people in hard-hit professions to retrain for new jobs

An estimated 25 per cent of working Canadians have started over in jobs unrelated to what they did before the pandemic.

Frustration grows among seniors and caregivers over Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Vaccinating seniors 'is absolutely the right thing to do, and it's frankly long overdue,' geriatrics doctor says.

Fear, frustration, compassion and shame: What nurses are dealing with during the pandemic

The work nurses have done during the COVID-19 outbreak has been arduous, as well as a risk to their personal health, but they have persevered - here are some of their stories.

Pandemic 'pressure cooker' is driving more couples to seek advice about separation, divorce

Family lawyers report increase in calls for advice about how to dissolve relationships.

Valerie Jarrett, former Obama adviser, on Joe Biden's White House transition and challenges

Based on her time working with Joe Biden in the White House, Jarrett says she hopes the qualities she knows the president-elect possesses will help him heal divisions in the U.S.

Pandemic threatens to wipe out decades of progress for working mothers

During COVID-19, women's participation in the Canadian workforce has fallen to a level not seen since the mid-80s, with unprecedented job losses and an unequal burden at home. That's not just bad for women, but the entire economy, say experts.

Stress, anxiety a heavy burden for people who can't work from home or properly isolate

Some pockets of Canadian society are being hit harder by COVID-19 than others, and there's increasing pressure on people like front line workers and homeless people who aren't able to isolate themselves from the community.

'There was no normal to come back to': Former Diamond Princess cruise passengers struggle with long isolation

The ship's 47 Canadian passengers had already been through a month of quarantine and isolation before returning home.