Perlita Stroh

Producer, The National

Perlita Stroh is a producer with The National at CBC News. She works on news and current affairs stories and is based in Toronto.

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'This is our life now': Family members tell stories of loved ones held hostage in Gaza

Family members of Israeli hostages held in Gaza for more than a month describe how their loved ones were kidnapped — and what they are doing to try and get them released.

Med school tackles rural doctor shortage with crash course in community culture

Northern Ontario School of Medicine University program goes beyond simply training new doctors by teaching students a few things that could influence where they choose to practice.

How trauma suffered by Holocaust survivors has affected the next generation

A lot is known about the horrors experienced by Holocaust survivors. Now their children are sharing how the trauma their parents went through has affected their own lives.

Educators are using the stories of Holocaust survivors to foster empathy and counter hate

Imagine learning about the Holocaust from a survivor of its atrocities — the pain on their face stark in the hologram projecting just feet away. Soon, youth in Toronto can immerse themselves in these experiences, part of a movement toward using education to eliminate a rising tide of antisemitism. 

Toronto boy whose parents raised $3M to treat his rare genetic disorder starts clinical trial

Michael Pirovolakis is the only child in Canada diagnosed with spastic paraplegia 50 (SPG50). This past March doctors at SickKids Hospital in Toronto began a one-dose therapy in part of a groundbreaking clinical trial where Michael is the only participant. 

As more travellers return to the skies, aviation's environmental impact fuels concern

Demand for airline tickets is returning at same time that COP26 is drawing more attention to emissions.

More Canadians turning to cannabis to help deal with pandemic pressures

Reasons people cited for using cannabis, according to a recent Statistics Canada report, include increased stress, boredom and loneliness.

From restaurant staff to pilots, pandemic is pushing people in hard-hit professions to retrain for new jobs

An estimated 25 per cent of working Canadians have started over in jobs unrelated to what they did before the pandemic.

Frustration grows among seniors and caregivers over Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Vaccinating seniors 'is absolutely the right thing to do, and it's frankly long overdue,' geriatrics doctor says.

Fear, frustration, compassion and shame: What nurses are dealing with during the pandemic

The work nurses have done during the COVID-19 outbreak has been arduous, as well as a risk to their personal health, but they have persevered - here are some of their stories.