Madeline McNair

Madeline McNair is a producer with CBC's investigative unit. She is based in Toronto.

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Ex-wife of Christine Jessop's killer talks about coming to grips with the awful truth

Heather Hoover, the ex-wife of the man police say killed Christine Jessop in 1984, talks with CBC News about learning and coping with the truth about the murder of the nine-year-old girl.
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As passengers pushed for refunds, Air Canada got more than $400 million for wage subsidy

Air Canada tapped into the most government support during COVID-19 out of all publicly traded companies in Canada that have so far disclosed their finances to stakeholders, a CBC News investigation found.
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Ontario cancer patient who must travel to U.S. for treatment trapped in near-constant quarantines

Dean Nixon travels to the U.S. twice a month for life-saving experimental treatment. But government officials say he's not eligible for an exemption from Canada's mandatory 14-day coronavirus quarantine. He faces up to a year of isolation while in Canada unless the rules change or the border opens.
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UPS executive granted special ministerial exemption from Canada's COVID-19 quarantine

A CBC News Investigation has learned that Nando Cesarone, the president of U.S. operations for shipping giant UPS, received a special ministerial exemption from Canada's mandatory 14-day COVID-19 quarantine. It's one of 191 such passes granted by Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne — 138 of them over the past six weeks.
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Calvin Hoover's family 'devastated' to learn police believe he killed Christine Jessop

The ex-wife of Calvin Hoover tells CBC that she was devastated to learn that police believe he murdered Christine Jessop in 1984, and she is extending her sympathies to the nine-year-old's family.
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COVID-19 quarantine exemption for Costco CEO shouldn't have happened, Ottawa says

Costco's American CEO, Craig Jelinek, and one of his senior lieutenants were allowed to skip Canada's mandatory 14-day COVID-19 quarantine for an August tour of new grocery stores, CBC News has learned. The two arrived on the same day that three other U.S. executives were granted quarantine exemptions in Canada.

Border agency made a mistake in issuing U.S. billionaire a quarantine exemption: Blair

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says an American billionaire was mistakenly permitted to enter Canada without following the 14-day quarantine rule because of a decision by the Canada Border Services Agency.
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Billionaire critic of COVID-19 restrictions says Ottawa let her skip 14-day quarantine

American business executive Liz Uihlein, who has campaigned against COVID-19 restrictions, says she was granted a special exemption from Canadian quarantine rules for a 36-hour business trip to Toronto.

Toronto dentist charged with sexually assaulting patients, sexual interference with minors still practising 

More than six weeks after being charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and sexual interference involving minors, with patients alleged to be among the victims, a Toronto dentist continues to practise.

Toronto dentist charged with sexual assault barred from treating patients under 18

More than two months after a Toronto dentist was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault allegedly involving patients and children among the victims, Ontario’s dental regulator has imposed conditions on him.