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Jill English is a producer with The National based in Toronto.

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CFIA targets puppy importers in at least 6 raids in Ontario

At least six puppy importers who are bringing dogs into Canada from Eastern Europe have been targeted in raids by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency this month, focusing attention on an opaque multi-million dollar business that welfare and veterinary groups have repeatedly warned about.

Buyer beware: Ottawa fails to track thousands of puppies, some carrying diseases, imported to Canada each year

The federal government fails to maintain a central database to track the thousands of puppies imported to Canada every year, CBC’s Marketplace has learned, an issue experts have for years warned threatens animal welfare and can transport zoonotic diseases into Canada.

Why your reduced carbon footprint from lockdown won't slow climate change

Reductions in emissions during pandemic are a drop in the bucket when it comes to atmospheric CO2.

Grooming forests could be making fires worse, researchers warn

Using glyphosate is a common forest management practice, but it's coming under increasing scrutiny as research indicates it may be removing one of the ways a natural forest protects itself against wildfire.

Friction in Pictou: Community divided on proposed changes to pulp mill operations

The looming closure of Pictou County’s Boat Harbour as an effluent treatment facility has residents squaring off over whether Northern Pulp mill has a place in the region’s future.

Orange juice may get squeezed out of Canada's revised food guide

Health Canada says it will recommend 'plain water' over juice in the updated 2019 food guide in order to reduce sugar intake.

How 902 ManUp is facing down street violence in Halifax

A grassroots movement sparked by gun violence in a Halifax community is working to provide support and second chances to young people who don't always fit easily into conventional community outreach programs.

'Burying rivers is not a great idea:' Cities work to uncover their hidden waterways

Cities built atop networks of culverts and sewers where creeks and rivers used to flow are looking for ways to bring forgotten waterways back to the surface.

Geoengineering aims to slow global warming by manipulating climate, but risks are unknown

Geoengineering can be as simple as planting trees to remove CO2 from the air or as complex as trying to use giant mirrors to reflect the sun into space. Some scientists say it has promise but warn that its potential pitfalls need more study by policymakers and experts alike.

Too many taxis: Moncton drivers struggle to make ends meet

The number of Moncton cab drivers more than doubled from 2015 to 2016, and there aren't enough fares to go around.