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Greg Hobbs is a senior media librarian and producer with The National.

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Buffy Sainte-Marie wants more than just an apology from the Pope

At 81, award-winning artist and activist is determined to use her platform to talk about realities of residential schools, and call for the dissolution of the Doctrine of Discovery.

Why some parents are eager for changes to Ontario's early reading curriculum

The Right to Read Inquiry Report from the Ontario Human Rights Commission calls for revamp of province's approach to early reading.

Massey Hall reopens after massive modernization that preserves iconic music venue's magic

Jim Cuddy, frontman for Blue Rodeo, says revamp of historic hall 'marries beautifully with what I loved about it.'

Barenaked Ladies ready to return to stage after a Detour de Force

Band discusses pandemic-related challenges, enthusiasm and trepidation about returning to live performances, new album, and dealing with lingering effects of past troubles.

Having weird, vivid dreams? Sleep researchers say you're far from alone

Being chased by swarms of bugs is among the unusual dreams people have reported over the past year, according to sleep specialists.

Maestro Fresh-Wes hip hop classic gets thumbs-up from Canadian Songwriters' Hall of Fame

Wes Williams, the Godfather of Canadian hip hop, has earned a place in the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame for 'Let Your Backbone Slide,' which he composed on the graveyard shift at a mall.

On tour at Massey Hall: Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy checks out the legendary venue's $135M renovation project

Toronto's iconic music hall turns 125 as work continues to give it a fresh look. Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy stopped by to see how things are progressing at the venue he's played so many times over the years.

David Foster on his charitable work and collaborations with Céline Dion, Whitney Houston and Neil Young

Legendary Canadian producer David Foster discusses his philanthropy and the highs and lows of working with major music stars.

Yiddish Glory: How a Grammy nomination sprang from a Canadian prof's chance discovery

When Yiddish Studies Professor Anna Shternshis was sifting through documents at the Verdansky National Library of Ukraine nearly two decades ago, the idea that her work would lead to a scholarly breakthrough and a Grammy-nominated album in 2019 was inconceivable.

Massey Hall memories: Legendary musicians on why playing there meant 'you've arrived'

Massey Hall, Toronto's iconic music venue, is 'mixed up with so many great memories, both as a fan and as a performer,' says Geddy Lee of Rush. He and other Canadian musicians recall the hall's rich history ahead of its closure for much-needed renovations.