Adrienne Arsenault

Senior Correspondent

Emmy Award-winning journalist Adrienne Arsenault co-hosts The National. Her investigative work on security has seen her cross Canada and pursue stories across the globe. Since joining CBC in 1991, her postings have included Vancouver, Washington, Jerusalem and London.

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Inside ERs at a breaking point, staff provide care while juggling shortages and closures

Many doctors and nurses across Canada have been calling for help for months, as the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed resources that they say were already stretched, and has led to an unparalleled wave of staff shortages that they say has now reached a breaking point.

Paramedics feel the pressure as a city runs out of ambulances

Last year, the Ottawa Paramedic Service took 72,000 patients to hospitals and spent 49,000 hours in offload delay — waiting to transfer over the care of a patient. During the first five months of 2022, they've already spent 25,000 hours waiting.

Ski techs hope their secret wax recipes will be liquid 'gold' for Canada's Olympians

There's a behind-the-scenes Olympic competition to develop the best waxes and ski-tuning techniques to give athletes an edge over the competition on the slopes.

In taking action on climate, this Arctic community wants to be a beacon to the world

The Arctic is warming at a rate of two to three times the rest of the world, and while the signs of it may seem invisible to an outsider, they are disturbingly clear if you call Old Crow, Yukon, home.
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Fukushima struggles on 10 years after devastating earthquake and tsunami

The Tokyo Olympics were supposed to showcase Fukushima's recovery, 10 years after it was devastated by an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. But one resident says there's been no recovery.

The Olympics come to Japan — but not for most Japanese

A spike in coronavirus cases in Tokyo has prompted a tightening of restrictions as athletes and members of the media descend on a city filled with unease ahead of the Olympics, the CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault writes from the Japanese capital.

How Canada's athletes are training for what could be the hottest Olympics

Canada's Olympians and the scientists who help train them have found some creative ways to help beat the heat in Tokyo.

Having weird, vivid dreams? Sleep researchers say you're far from alone

Being chased by swarms of bugs is among the unusual dreams people have reported over the past year, according to sleep specialists.

The Mauritanian's Canadian connection: What the new film about Guantanamo detainee left out

The Mauritanian tells the story of Mohamedou Ould Salahi, who spent 14 years in the notorious American military detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he was tortured into giving a false confession but never charged with a crime. He says Canada was partly responsible. CBC's Adrienne Arsenault spoke to Salahi and the actors who portray his life story on screen.

Black civil servants allege discrimination in proposed class-action lawsuit against Ottawa

A group of current and former Black civil servants has issued a proposed class-action lawsuit against the federal government alleging it discriminated against Black employees for decades.