Anand Ram


Anand Ram is a producer for CBC Television's The National. He has previously written for Financial Post and on personal tech and business.

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Karoshi to the Code du Travail: Why it's hard to head off worker burnout with laws

Stressed-out workers cost countries a lot of time and money, but Japan and France have learned that enshrined protections in law can trigger an unintended cultural clash.

Virtual reality: The difference between a $20 and $1,100 VR headset

Facebook, Google and Samsung are among the companies offering new virtual reality headsets and experiences at prices ranging from $20 to $1,100. How do they differ — and are they worth the price? CBC's Anand Ram has a look.

Google's Pixel C tablet: A close look

The first Google-designed tablet, the Pixel C, went on sale this week. CBC's Anand Ram spent some time with it and offers his thoughts on the premium tablet designed to replace your laptop.

Chromecast Audio makes normal speakers smart enough to stream music

These days, many of us stream our music online across services like Spotify and Rdio. Google, Sonos and others are competing to get that music playing wirelessly on your home speakers. CBC's Anand Ram compares the options.

6 affordable smartphones that don't require a pricey contract

High-end devices usually either cost a lot or lock you into an expensive plan. What you may not know is there are great smartphones that can save you hundreds on device costs and can also allow you to choose cheaper monthly plans.

Microsoft's Windows 10: Here's what to expect

Microsoft's Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade today for many users of Windows 7 or 8. CBC's Anand Ram offers a tour of some of its key features.

Microsoft Surface 3: A review of the tablet-laptop hybrid for everyone

Microsoft’s Surface 3, a more affordable version of its tablet-laptop hybrid, went on sale in Canada today. Anand Ram takes it for a spin and shares his thoughts.

HTC One M9 smartphone review: Why it's worth a closer look

The HTC One M9 is an Android phone with a premium feel that goes on sale in Canada today. CBC's Anand Ram gives his take on how it compares to competing smartphone models.

5 TV streaming gadgets that will let you cut the cord

Want to cut the cord and stream movies and shows straight from the internet to your TV? Don't know what gadget to buy to make that happen? CBC's Anand Ram will help you figure out which streaming device is right for you.

Moto360 smartwatch is capable, but not always cool

CBC's Anand Ram test drove a Moto360 smartwatch for two weeks. He shares his thoughts about the device and what it's like to walk around wearing a watch you can talk into.

High fidelity 2.0: How your favourite music could sound even better

If you look at your average television, it’s obvious that picture quality has become significantly better over the years. So why hasn’t that happened with audio?

Fitness watch review: How latest activity-trackers measure up

Fitness watches are part of a hot ‘wearable tech’ trend. Here's a look at three of the models available in Canada: the Garmin Vivofit, TomTom Runner Cardio and Samsung Gear Fit.

Moto E: Motorola's latest budget smartphone unveiled

The Moto E, unveiled today, is the newest budget device from Motorola aimed at customers who want to get into the smartphone world.

Smoke alarms require your vigilance to be effective

A third of installed smoke detectors aren't fully functional, and even those that are working detect some fires better than others. Here's what you need to know to stay safe.

Google Nexus 5 phone review: Big features, small price tag

Google's new Nexus 5 phone is fast and well-made, but the low price comes with a few compromises, writes Anand Ram.