Terence McKenna

Correspondent / Documentary maker

Terence McKenna has reported extensively on domestic and international affairs for more than 40 years. His CBC documentaries have won numerous awards in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. Based in Toronto, he now reports for CBC's The National.

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Australia's COVID-19 successes shine a light on Canada's troubled long-term care sector

When it comes to the death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic, the comparison between Canada and Australia is shocking. Australia has suffered four deaths per million residents compared to more than 212 in Canada. 

While Singapore touts its COVID-19 success, migrant workers face the greatest risk

With only 21 deaths, Singapore has one of the lowest per capita death rates for COVID-19 in the world. But a large majority of the cases are centred in its guest-worker community.

How South Korea managed to flatten the COVID-19 curve

South Korea's first line of defence against COVID-19 now is at the Seoul airport, and it's an impressive sight. 

How France found itself in the middle of a coronavirus catastrophe

While France is reputed to have one of the best health care systems in the world, it was slow to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and is now scrambling to contain it.

'Tremendously dangerous': In Iran, conspiracy theories and religious bickering slow COVID-19 response

When the COVID-19 outbreak first appeared in Iran, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei proclaimed it a hoax, a conspiracy from the country's enemies.

Why Italy was hit so hard and so fast by COVID-19

Italy’s death toll now exceeds 1,800 people, the highest anywhere in the world outside China. Experts say Canada can take lessons from what happened there.
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Internal Boeing messages detail how pressure to cut costs eroded company's renowned safety culture

Internal messages and emails from Boeing are painting a clearer portrait of a profit-focused management culture at the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, where pressure for short-term shareholder returns seems to have overwhelmed safety concerns.

Federal government reaches settlement with 3 Canadian men tortured in Syria and Egypt

After months of on-and-off negotiations, the federal government has reached a settlement with three Canadian men as compensation for the role Canadian officials played in their torture in Syria and Egypt.

Intolerance, xenophobia have permeated political rhetoric in Quebec

Intolerance and xenophobia have been above the surface of the political debate in Quebec for years. It will be interesting to see if this week’s attack at a Quebec City mosque will submerge them, Terence McKenna writes.

'We will turn on him so quick': Rust Belt voters who put faith in Trump expect results

Donald Trump won the U.S. election by breaking down Hillary Clinton's "blue wall," the handful of Rust Belt states that were considered reliably Democratic but switched over to the Republicans. But as CBC News discovered on a recent trip to Pennsylvania, that support depends heavily on Trump keeping his promise to create jobs.
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Ministerial directive on use of evidence obtained from torture still on books

Even as Ottawa remains locked in a decade-long legal battle with three Canadians who were tortured in Syria in a post-Sept. 11 crackdown on terror suspects, a ministerial directive on the use of evidence obtained from torture is still on the books.
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Documents show CSIS and RCMP's role in post-9/11 torture of 3 Canadians in Syria

Thousands of pages of secret files obtained by CBC reveal how Canada’s police and intelligence service not only knew three Canadians were being tortured in Syrian jails, but co-operated with Syrian officials in their interrogations.

Paris attacks: Survivors still haunted months after carnage

Nina’s story is the story of hundreds of Parisians who simply wanted to have a good time on a Friday night in one of the most open-minded and liberal cities in the world. Instead they experienced the terror of their lives.

Paris attacks: Did intelligence fail in France?

There are many examples of security breakdowns prior to the carnage in Paris on Nov. 13, and much has been made of them. But there are a number of others that have received less public attention.

What happens if Harper wins the most seats but not a majority?

With opinion polls suggesting no party is likely to form a majority government on Monday, the question widely asked at this point in the campaign is, "What happens if Stephen Harper wins the most seats but does not reach a majority?"