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University of Waterloo rolls to sunny third place

The University of Waterloo claimed top honours for a Canadian university in the American Solar Challenge. They placed third in a field of 28 in the 11-day race.

Their car, Midnight Sun VI, rolled into greater Los Angeles after the University of Michigan and the University of Missouri at Rolla. Waterloo's time was 62 hours and 18 seconds.

Queens' University was a close fourth coming in at 62:55:11.

Other Canadian finishers were the University of Toronto, 12th, cole de technologie suprieure, 20th, and the University of Alberta, 28th.

The race, the longest solar car race in the world, ran from Chicago to Claremont, California.

All entries were propelled by solar power. The racers used solar, or photovoltaic, cells to convert sunlight into electricity. The one-person vehicles are typically low to the ground, sleek and covered with solar cells.

Previous races in the United States have been along routes from Florida to Michigan; from Washington, D.C. to Florida; from Indiana to Colorado; and from Dallas to Minneapolis.