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Chester warden responds to request for Pride flag

The chair of Lunenburg County Pride has spent the past year trying to get the municipality of Chester to fly the rainbow Pride flag... but Chester has a policy that won't allow non-government flags to be flown. The warden of Chester responds.

Lunenburg Pride chair asks Chester to raise a flag

Many places across Nova Scotia are celebrating Pride month right now, but the Chair of Lunenburg Pride says there's one municipality that won't be taking part in one of the integral components... the flag raising.

Couples share the love as same-sex marriage celebrates 15 years in Canada

A young Toronto couple, about to tie the knot, gets new perspective and advice from two couples about the fight for equality, 15 years after same-sex marriage was legalized across Canada.

Episode 6: Family ties

Bryn Hanks was raised in a home with few gender rules: Boys wore dresses, girls could be whatever they wanted. But when he told his parents he was Trans, he hit a wall of resistance. He shares how that felt, and his mother explains why she had such a hard time accepting her child's identity. • This episode includes stories of people struggling with mental health that may affect you: Find help and resources at

Episode 5: Transitioning isn’t fun

From cystic acne to severe mood swings, a conversation with a Trans individual about what they wish more people knew about the experience of changing your body and how to prepare yourself to get through it. • This episode includes stories of people struggling with mental health that may affect you: Find help and resources at • Email

Episode 4: Raven transforms

A young student uses a North Coast legend from her grandmother to explain why she wants to stop living as a man and start living as a woman. Plus: Using sitcoms and culture to talk about gender and sexuality. • Email •

Pride goes online: Why organizers say the fight for rights must continue

The co-ordinators of one of Toronto's biggest Pride events say going online is bittersweet, but staying connected is more important than ever in a time of upheaval.

Episode 3: Riot for your rights

Gender neutral bathrooms, preferred pronouns, Trans rights. Sex and gender has become a flash point for heated political debates, but how did we get here? • Support and resources at • More information about the Transgender Archives at • Email

Episode 2: What kind of man do you want to be?

Harper Perrin grew up believing the only moral way for them to live was as a straight man. Eventually, they found acceptance as a gay man in a loving relationship, but something still didn’t feel right. • Resources and support: • Email

Episode 1: Pronouns in a pandemic

When you’re facing a health crisis, does it really matter if the doctor gets your pronouns wrong? Musician Rae Spoon thinks so, and they’re fighting for change while also fighting cancer. Plus, a doctor-in-training on their struggles with conversion therapy. • This episode includes stories of people struggling with mental health that may affect you: Find help and resources at • Theme song: 'Do Whatever the Heck You Want' by Rae Spoon. • Email:

Episode 4: Raven transforms

From a Haida legend about Raven to modern day sitcoms, using language and culture to talk about gender.

Smaller cities across B.C. take their pride celebrations online

Vancouver isn't the only one taking pride festivities online — organizers of different pride festivals across B.C. are going virtual.

#90: Allies

This episode first aired in October 2018 // The word "ally" is thrown around a lot these days, especially by people who work to support women, people of colour, and those in the LGBT community. This week, we go beyond the buzz of the word to see what it really means to be an ally... and whether it makes a difference.

Why straight, white, able-bodied men have a role to play in workplace diversity

As a member of a visible minority who wears his Sikh faith openly, has experienced discrimination, and has a deaf son, Tej Singh Hazra says his lived experience has informed his work as a corporate inclusion manager. But even straight, white, able-bodied men can be allies in the workplace, he argues, because diversity shouldn't just be framed in terms of ethnicity, gender, ability or sexual orientation... but "human difference". This story first aired in October 2018.

How much can symbolic acts by allies really achieve?

Put on your heels, strut your stuff, have some fun, and raise some money. That's the basic premise behind Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, a global event that sees men march in high heels and raise funds and awareness around violence against women. Darryl Andrée's been participating in these walks in St. Catharines, Ontario for years. He tells Piya why he thinks such a symbolic act is a valid way to be an ally to victims of gender-based violence. This story first aired in October 2018.

Making space for mistakes and emotion in allyship

Over the past few years, Amanda Jette Knox's partner and child both came out as trans, and she came out as queer. That's made her think a lot about what it means to be an ally. She tells Piya what she's learned about the value of mistakes and emotion in one's attempt to be an ally, both from the perspective of being one, and having allies. This story first aired in October 2018.

Feminista Jones doesn't think you're an ally

Activist, writer and social worker Feminista Jones believes language matters. That's why she doesn't like the term 'ally', at least not in the way it's popularly used today. She tells Piya the mutual benefit inherently implied in the term makes it moot, and that all too often people wear it as a badge to seek kudos. Instead, she suggests replacing it with 'co-conspirator', a term she says demands real action and real risk. This story first aired in October 2018.

School trustee says he 'deeply' regrets transphobic post that downplayed COVID-19

Chilliwack school trustee Barry Neufeld has apologized for a social media post that sparked outrage for questioning the trustworthiness of Canada's top doctor, Theresa Tam.

Minister slams school trustee as 'destructive influence' after transphobic post that downplayed COVID-19

A controversial Chilliwack School Board trustee has attracted new outrage following a transphobic social media post targeting Canada's top health official that also downplayed the dangers of COVID-19.

Yukon LGBTQ community getting its own space to get together and hold events

The new executive director says pride centres across the country vary in the way they are organized, but they all provide a place for people to get together, make connections and access resources.

Multidisciplinary artist Nova Weipert named VPL's 2020 Indigenous storyteller in residence

Growing up, Nova Weipert didn't fit in easily. They were Indigenous and adopted, and transgendered in a community that called them a girl. Now, Weipert is the Indigenous storyteller in residence at the Vancouver Public Library.

With a little help, St. Andrew's Elementary replaces its Pride flag

With its cherished Pride flag tattered by bad weather, the school asked Pride St. John’s for help with raising a brand new one.

Trans activist, refugee Norma Lize honoured for work with Vancouver's LGBT community

Norma Lize, 27, who grew up in Lebanon, is being awarded the January Marie Lapuz award which recognizes youth leaders in the LGBT community.

Manitoba Justice fighting $75k compensation to former employee harassed for being gay

Awarding $75,000 to a former employee harassed for being gay — for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect under the Manitoba Human Rights Code — is "unjustifiable," Manitoba Justice says.

Vancouver city councillor Rebecca Bligh on why she left the NPA and the direction of her former party

She speaks with Stephen Quinn about her decision and why "people are not paying close enough attention to what's happening with the NPA".

'A battle that we've won': LGBTQ military members get personal apologies

A number of former LGBTQ military members are finally receiving letters of apology from the Canadian Armed Forces — two years after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a formal apology for decades of 'state-sponsored' discrimination.

Health minister promises more transgender health services on P.E.I.

Transgender Islanders could soon be able to access more health-care services in the province, according to P.E.I.'s health minister. 

Step into this Fun Home for a poignant, superbly performed coming-of-age musical

Tackling coming of age, gender identity, suicide and family dysfunction — all in a funeral home setting — Fun Home is an unlikely hit musical. But it's a thoughtful and moving story, given a sterling production by an outstanding cast in the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre Warehouse's production.

Bill to ban conversion therapy on P.E.I. passes second reading

P.E.I. is one step closer to banning conversion therapy, a term which refers to any practice intended to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

Little Sister's takes the CBSA to court, 1984

A store that serves the gay community in Vancouver finally got its day in court.

Tortured in Chechnya for being gay, this man found refuge and safety in Canada

A man who was tortured for being gay in Chechnya is opening up to share his story of survival.

Is Montreal's Gay Village becoming less gay?

As the city celebrates Pride weekend, experts debate how to preserve the Gay Village's unique identity.

First Pride parade in Williams Lake, B.C., launches this weekend

The Williams Lake Pride Society has taken part in parades for other events in the past, such as at last year's stampede, but this is the first time they are having their own event.

How LGBT renters in Vancouver are finding safe living spaces

LGBT renters aren't just contending with Vancouver's pricey rental market. There's an added worry: whether their sexual orientation or gender identity will hinder their search, and finding spaces where they can feel safe.

Meet the politician who came out — to a town council

Donovan Taplin, 22, a town councillor on Bell Island, shares his unique coming out story.

As Halifax Pride kicks off, focus on fun but also deeper conversations

Halifax Pride features more than 130 events over 11 days. But there's also a focus on "knowledge sharing and discussion."

Transgender murders in Honduras stoking fear of backlash against LGBT rights

The murder of three transgender women in Honduras this month has raised fears that a push for LGBT rights in the country has prompted a backlash.

B.C. bishop relieved after Anglican Church gives dioceses choice to perform LGBT unions

Bishop Logan McMenamie was devastated when the Anglican Church of Canada struck down approval of same-sex marriage, but is relieved the church is now granting individual dioceses the right to perform LGBT unions if they wish.

UBC barred from Vancouver Pride Parade for hosting controversial speaker

The University of British Columbia is barred from marching in the Vancouver Pride Parade after allowing a controversial figure to speak on campus earlier this summer.

S2 E2: Queer Is the New Straight with Lauren Morelli

Thomas and Tranna share their ideals of home and then talk about queer utopia with Lauren Morelli, writer-producer on Netflix’s Tales of the City and Orange Is the New Black. Plus, this week’s obsession: 50 percent off tags. 

Surrey to get its own chapter of group created for friends, family of LGBTQ people

LGBTQ supporters and allies in Surrey, B.C., are getting their own chapter of the group PFLAG just in time for the city's Pride celebrations on Saturday.

Doctor heading to Missouri to learn trans surgery hopes to fill gap

A plastic surgeon is leaving Winnipeg for two years to learn how to do bottom surgery for transgender patients who must travel out of province to have the life-changing operation done.

Pride parade takes over Toronto streets

People in Toronto marched in one of North America’s largest pride parades Sunday

Chosen Families: Podcasts for Pride Month

In honour of Pride Month, we're sharing stories about chosen families and the important role they play for LGBTQ folks. Featuring: 1. Nancy - Joe really wants a “gaggle”: a tight-knit group of queer friends who can be his chosen family. Nancy host Tobin Low stages a friend-ter-vention. 2. Queerly Beloved - When Kelli’s partner Heather passed away from cancer. Heather left behind a strange list for Kelli when she died. A list of all of her ex’s. Kelli was left with trying to figure out why. 3. Chosen Family - In this new member of the CBC Podcasts family, hosts Tranna Wintour and Thomas LeBlanc interview Ryan O’Connell, the creator of the Netflix series Special, which is based on his own life as a disabled gay man. 4. The Allusionist: Polari was a secret language in 1950s Britain that helped gay men connect, resist oppression, and feel empowered. Helen Zaltzman traces the history of Polari with scholar Paul Baker. 5. Ear Hustle: Transgender inmate Lady Jae talks about the time she got married to her prison cellmate. 6. Call Your Girlfriend: Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow discuss the value of chosen families, life outside of sticking to milestones, and setting boundaries with your biological family.

S2 E1: Tell Me Lies with Ryan O’Connell

Thomas and Tranna reveal their personal delusions to each other and then talk lies with Ryan O'Connell, creator and star of the Netflix series Special — a comedy that draws on Ryan’s real-life experience hiding his cerebral palsy. Plus, T&T’s latest obsession: the rebranding of Ginger Spice.

Waterloo students push Catholic school board to fly Pride flag

A group of students at St. David Catholic Secondary School in Waterloo have started a petition calling on the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to raise the rainbow flag.

Vatican's official document on gender denounced by LGBT Catholics

The Vatican issued an official document Monday rejecting the idea that people can choose or change their genders, which was immediately denounced by LGBT Catholics.

Windsor restaurant first to sign up to be trans-friendly

Skippy's Restaurant in Windsor is the first to partner with WE Trans Support to be trans-friendly.

Pride march celebrates LGBT community in Waterloo region

The event capped off more than a week of celebrations hosted by tri-Pride, a non-profit LGBTQ organization that hosts pride events across Waterloo region.

Fierce Merritt: How one man was inspired to start a hometown LGBT club

Hugo McPherson-Ashmore says the hateful email only gives more validity to his cause, which is Merritt's need for a club where LGBT people can feel safe and accepted. So, he created that club and named it Fierce Merritt.

This is not your father's gay blood ban era. We're overdue for a comprehensive reassessment

Discrimination to protect the health of blood recipients is fair only if it is based in legitimate protections, rather than biased assumptions.

LGBTQ2S+ inclusive workplace training coming for territorial gov't employees

For the first time, LGBTQ2S+ Inclusive Workplace Awareness Training will be available to NWT government employees in Yellowknife, Hay River and Inuvik.

Former sailor remembers persecution that followed decriminalization of homosexuality

The 50th anniversary of the passage of a bill decriminalizing homosexuality was marked last week, but Diane Doiron knows first-hand that the change in law didn't stop the federal government from discriminating against LGBT people.

No official flag raising, but still plenty of Pride flags in Alberton

On the International Day Against Homophobia, Biophobia and Transphobia, there was no Pride flag raised at the town hall in Alberton. 

Following council decision, Islanders think of ways to show LGBT inclusion in Alberton

Islanders are showing support for the LGBT community in Alberton, after the town refused to fly the Pride flag.

Stigma didn't end with decriminalization, says LGBT heritage group

As the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada, the milestone didn't mark the end of discrimination for the LGBT community.

Moose Jaw Pride creating mural to celebrate LGBT history

LGBT milestones will soon have a permanent place in the Moose Jaw landscape.

The changing face of Canada's judiciary: more women, more diversity

Canada's judiciary is becoming more diverse, with more women, visible minorities, LBGT and Indigenous peoples on the bench.

New playwright to have work — inspired by LGBT tragedy — featured at Sudbury's PlaySmelter festival

Garrett Carr says after hearing about the 2016 shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, he was inspired to write his first script for a play, which will make its debut at the upcoming PlaySmelter Festival in Sudbury.

New gay rights coin divides LGBT community — and outrages social conservatives

A new dollar coin designed to commemorate 50 years of homosexual rights has sparked a dual backlash — from both members of Canada's LGBT community and from a social conservative group.

OutSaskatoon gets $1.1M to help LGBT survivors of gender violence

OutSaskatoon says $1.1 million in new federal funding to provide support for LGBT people, particularly youth, who are survivors of gender-based violence will help the organization make a difference in a community disproportionately affected by violence.

Calgary LGBT advocates protest UCP plan they say would 'out' kids

Hundreds of people marched in southwest Calgary Thursday in support of gay-straight alliances, and to oppose a plan that they say could see LGBT kids outed without their consent.

New UCP candidate under fire for link to Christian group's conversion therapy-style programs

A newly appointed United Conservative Party candidate has come under fire for claims that he promoted religious programming that dealt with "unwanted same-sex attraction."

'A true hero in our community': Doctor who worked through AIDS crisis retiring after remarkable career

Dr. Dick Smith is retiring after years of working in Manitoba's gay community. He's credited with saving lives through his medical practice and activism.

Sudbury Pride introduces speed-friending as an alternative to speed-dating

It's like Speed Dating, but without the romance. Sudbury Pride is hosting Speed Friending to celebrate friendship on the traditionally romantic holiday.

Lead inspector reflects after Bruce McArthur hearing ends

When serial killer Bruce McArthur was sentenced to life in prison last week, Insp. Hank Idsinga had a front-row seat. As lead investigator, Idsinga spent months digging through evidence, a process that left him emotionally exhausted. Ioanna Roumeliotis sat down with Idsinga to reflect on the year and the questions that linger.

P.E.I.'s LGBT community seeks a welcoming place

People from P.E.I.'s LGBT community are coming together to talk about how they can create a space of their own on the Island.

NWT Pride dissolving, handing off responsibilities to Rainbow Coalition

Leaders of NWT Pride and the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife say considering how small the LGBT population is in the territory, it makes more sense for one group to take the lead on things like the annual Pride festivities.

Advancing LGBT, women's equality key to Canada's economic growth, Monsef says

Breaking down employment barriers for women and LGBT Canadians is going to be critical to driving Canada's future economic prosperity, says Women and Gender Equality Minister Maryam Monsef.

'My life has transformed 100% in the last 20 years'

In an interview with The National, Olympian Mark Tewksbury talks about the progress of gay rights in sport

'I know it was for them to test if I was too gay or not'

In an interview with The National, Olympian Mark Tewksbury reflects on coming out

School board's job to prevent anti-LGBT bullying, says education minister

Al Hawkins says schools have the resources they need.

Group organizes more LGBT gatherings on P.E.I.

A new business on P.E.I. is mounting events for the Island's LGBT community.

Halifax's first job fair for LGBT jobseekers draws eager candidates

The job fair had such a good turnout that organizers say they want to make it an annual event.

Boy Erased: Film shines light on conversion therapy for LGBT youth

Based on a true story, Boy Erased explores what's known as conversion therapy, where organizations offer to change someone's sexual orientation. Correction: At 2:13 in this video, Matt Ashcroft is misidentified as Paul Latoza and at 2:33 Paul Latoza is misidentified as Matt Ashcroft.

Sudbury group to honour LGBTQ veterans at local Remembrance Day service

When wreaths are added this Remembrance Day at the cenotaph at the Onaping Falls Community Centre, there will be one laid in honour of LGBTQ veterans. The wreath will be laid by two members from TG Innerselves.

Drags Benny combines drag queens and Sunday brunch at Winnipeg hotel

Sunday brunch took on a new gaiety at a Winnipeg hotel this weekend.

Tegan and Sara talk LGBT issues on Parliament Hill

Indie recording artists Tegan and Sara want to work with the Canadian government to help strengthen its relationship with the LGBT community - a message they brought to Parliament Hill on Tuesday.

2-spirit/Indigiqueer author at U of C shortlisted for Governor General's Award

An author based in Calgary has been shortlisted for the Governor General's Literary Awards for his portrayal of a two-spirit/Indigiqueer character in Jonny Appleseed.

Tattoo artist launching shop for LGBT people in Halifax

"I'm hoping to have more of a barber shop environment, so we can talk about whatever we want to talk about," says Gabe David.

Windsor LGBTQ leaders rip into interim sex-ed curriculum

LGBTQ leaders in Windsor, Ont. are speaking out against the Ontario government's interim sex-ed curriculum for elementary school teachers saying that it's endangering the lives of LGBTQ kids, and they're encouraging parents and allies to voice their complaints to the school board.

Rainbow Railroad Station aims to bring persecuted LGBT refugees to Calgary

The Centre for Newcomers is hoping to settle more LGBT refugees in Calgary through a new program, assisted by a longtime gay rights activist who himself fled to safety in Alberta.

With new mandate, Sudbury Pride bolsters activism, outreach efforts

Sudbury Pride says it’s moving its focus away from its yearly week-long festival to concentrate on being a year-round presence for people who identify as LGBTQ-plus. While the festival will continue in future years, the incorporated non-profit has been filling various volunteer lead positions within the organization over the past month.
Proud to Shine

'There was a lot of doubt,' Gina Bedingfield's story of acceptance and purpose

Gina Bedingfield is a transgender woman living in Windsor. Through her own journey and life lessons, she volunteers to help others going through their own transitions.

Proud to Shine: Lisa Renaud

Lisa Renaud supports the local LGBT community through an organization called 'Mama Bears.'

Trans-friendly barbershop cuts through complexity of gendered hair issues

A barbershop in East Vancouver serves as a safe space for the city's trans community and provides hairstyles that help people express their preferred gender.
Pride and Progress

Sobriety finds its place in Pride, thanks to Clean, Sober and Proud advocates

This year, 19-year-old Ryan Wilson will march in the Pride Parade clean and sober for the first time.

DJ workshop returns to Montreal to encourage more diversity in what's still a 'boys club'

Intersessions is a workshop aiming to teach DJ skills to women, LGBTQ and non-binary people and include them in an industry where they've historically been shut out.

Hannah Gadsby on the Just For Laughs red carpet

The Australian comedian discusses the success of Nanette, her groundbreaking comedy special.

'Exciting to see how far we've come': Moose Jaw celebrating 25 years of pride

Moose Jaw pride is kicking off its 25th pride week on Sunday.

Pride presence biggest ever in 2018 Summerside Lobster Carnival Parade

Amid the colourful floats, bagpipes and tractors in the annual Lobster Carnival Parade in Summerside, P.E.I., a group of about 30 people sang and danced as they showed off their rainbow flags.

Gay dating app thrives in China, where LGBT rights are lagging

The Chinese gay dating app Blued boasts 40 million registered users worldwide while being based in a country where most LGBT men and women still feel locked in the closet, writes Saša Petricic.

Canada's LGBT seniors fear discrimination in elder care

Many of Canada's LGBT seniors fear discrimination in elder care, believing they'll have to once again hide their pride to avoid prejudice.

Island's LGBT history shared for national museum

As plans for the country's first LGBT museum take shape in Ottawa, some Islanders are taking stock of what possible contributions might come from P.E.I., and reflecting on how far they've come.

Motion for LGBT refugee pilot project defeated | Sunday Scrum

Tories call on government to make LGBTQ refugee pilot project funding permanent, but motion fails to pass in the House

'For solidarity': Williams Lake joins B.C. communities showing Pride with rainbow crosswalk

The local Pride Committee appeared before city council Tuesday night to propose a rainbow crosswalk as a permanent way to make the city's acceptance of the LGBT community more visible.

LGBT rights vs. religious freedom: top court ruling on Trinity Western case today

The Supreme Court of Canada will deliver a landmark ruling Friday in a closely-watched case that weighs religious freedom against LGBT rights.

New Heritage Minute tells story of LGBT couple's fight for legal recognition

Historica Canada and the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity will unveil the first Heritage Minute about the struggle for LGBT rights, at the Glad Day bookstore this evening.

Tegan and Sara's positive, empowering message to LGBTQ youth

The Tegan and Sara Foundation helps raise awareness and money for non-profit organizations working with LGBT communities, particularly LGBTQ girls and women

New LGBTQ film tracks 'enormous personal risk' Calgarians faced

The historical documentary, Outliers, debuts Friday. It documents LGBTQ history in Calgary.