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Schmeat served: Advances in stem cell, lab-grown meat

CBC Radio's science columnist Torah Kachur talks more about the new advances in lab-grown, stem cell meat or "schmeat"

Burger cost $390,000 to produce

The schmeat patty was grown in a lab over two years and $390,000 to produce (iStock)

A $390,000 schmeat burger will be served Monday in London.

What’s schmeat, you ask?

It’s the rather unappetizing name for sheet meat,  or in vitro meat, which is grown from cow muscle stem cells in a lab.

Scientists are touting schmeat as a huge leap for stem cell research. Its release is also highly anticipated by animal rights activists.

Click on the icon above to listen to CBC Radio’s science columnist Torah Kachur on CBC New Brunswick’s Shift to hear more about the new advances in stem cell meat.