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How video games are made

Game production isn't nearly as nice and orderly as creating a movie but somehow, as the people behind them explain, they still get made.

Given the growing similarities between movies and video games, it's easy to think the two are produced in the same way. But, as the attached video shows, that's not the case.

Video game production is, as many people in the industry refer to it, "controlled chaos." Films generally start with pre-production where scripts are written, actors are cast and sets are built, then move to shooting and production, ultimately finishing with the editing, music and effects of post-production.

In video games, all of those steps happen at more or less the same time.

The staffs of Ubisoft Montreal, EA Montreal and sound studio Wave Generation — who have created such games as Assassin's Creed, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Mass Effect 2 and Army of Two: The 40th Day —  explain how.