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Google doodler job ad posted

A bachelor of fine arts degree may be your ticket to a dream job at Google.

A bachelor of fine arts degree may be your ticket to a dream job at Google.

The technology giant is inviting artists to apply to become a full-time "doodler," responsible for livening up its homepage with creative versions of its logo for every occasion.

"As a product graphic designer/illustrator, more commonly known as a 'doodler,' you have the world's best platform to showcase your stylistic skills — as well as your sense of humor, love of all things historical and imaginative artistry," said the posting on Google's job board.

Over 1,000 doodles have appeared on Google's homepage since 1998, ranging from a Starry Night-style version of the logo to commemorate Vincent Van Gogh's 152nd birthday on March 29, 2005 to mini, playable version of Pac-Man that commemorated the game's 30th anniversary on May 22, 2010.

According to Google, they're created by a team of illustrators and engineers, and the new doodler is expected to be able to work collaboratively and "apply creative feedback in a team environment."

Google says it is looking for a fine arts graduate with at least four years of relevant experience, with "freehand illustration skills and a wide range of artistic styles." The candidate should be comfortable with both digital and traditional media and have "knowledge of animation fundamentals."

The job would be based at Google's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. The company did not specify a salary range.