Emily Chung

Science and Technology Writer

Emily Chung covers science and technology for CBC News. She has previously worked as a digital journalist for CBC Ottawa and as an occasional producer at CBC's Quirks & Quarks. She has a PhD in chemistry.

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A closer look at the vaccines Canada is betting on to stem the spread of COVID-19

Ottawa has signed deals with several groups of vaccine developers to reserve millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines, including three that have been approved in Canada. The vaccines represent a variety of different technologies with different pros and cons. Here’s a closer look.

What caused the deadly power outages in Texas and how Canada's grid compares

Millions of people in Texas were left shivering without power, heat and running water for several days this week and at least 30 died after a severe winter storm crippled power plants and the electricity grid. How did that happen? And could Canada face similar risks? Here’s a closer look.

COVID-19 infection vs. vaccination: Which is better for immunity?

Both a COVID-19 infection and a vaccination are expected to train your immune system to protect you from getting sick with it in the future. But how are they different? Medical experts think vaccination is safer and better protection than a natural infection.

When the next pandemic hits, scientists aim to have a vaccine already. Here's how

When the next coronavirus pandemic hits, scientists plan to already have a vaccine against it, no matter what it is. But how is that possible? Here’s what they’re doing now to develop vaccines against emerging viruses and future variants of COVID-19.

A big test of reusable packaging for groceries comes to Canada

An online store has launched in Ontario selling groceries and household items from Loblaws in containers it will take back and refill — a test of whether Canadian consumers are ready to change their habits. 

A closer look at Canada's homegrown COVID-19 vaccine candidates

There are at least 11 teams across Canada racing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, including a handful in clinical trials and others scheduled to start soon. Here’s a closer look at the scientific teams, their technologies and where they’re at.

Giant predatory worm's ancient fossil burrows discovered

Millions of years ago, giant worms as long as an adult human with sharp, slicing jaws were terrorizing the ocean, as they do today, recently discovered fossils suggest.

Sabre-toothed tiger cub fossils may reveal family secrets

An apparent family of sabre-toothed cats with an unusual genetic quirk is providing Canadian researchers new hints about how the predators lived tens of thousands of years ago.

Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines have been approved in Canada. Here's what you need to know about them

Moderna's vaccine is the second to be approved in Canada. You might have some questions. How effective are vaccines? What are the side effects? What about allergic reactions? And when can you expect to get your shot? Here are the answers.

How to make technology greener? End planned obsolescence

Many of us are frustrated by how soon new high-tech devices like smartphones break or just don’t work well anymore, forcing us to replace them — a concept often called “planned obsolescence.” That cycle is also unsustainable, given the limited resources on Earth, advocates say. Here’s a closer look at the problem and how to fix it.