Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald is the host of CBC Radio's award-winning weekly science program, Quirks & Quarks. He is also a science commentator for CBC News Network and CBC-TV's The National. He has received 12 honorary degrees and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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Robotic dogs and fish could help explore deeper into other worlds

Bob McDonald's blog: Robotic animals could boldly go where wheeled rovers can't

Apollo landing sites now protected by U.S. law, but what about the flags?

Bob McDonald's blog: Fading flags open the question of how to preserve the legacy of the landings.

COVID-19 in 2020 showed science and society in action

Bob McDonald's blog: The pandemic gave rise to unprecedented global scientific cooperation to combat the greatest health threat of our lives. Here's a look back at how it all unfolded. 

An encounter with the real stuff

Bob McDonald's blog: Meeting the test pilot legend Chuck Yeager, who died this week.

New 3D map of the Milky Way continues a quest that began in Canada

Bob McDonald's blog: The map includes data from more than 1.8 billion stars

Chinese sample return mission to the moon harkens back to 1960s lunar race

Bob McDonald's blog: Robot mission will return first moon rocks since 1976

Famous Arecibo telescope was the first to send a signal to alien civilizations

Bob McDonald's blog: Damage to historic instrument means it will be dismantled

Would hyperloop transportation technology work in Canada?

Bob McDonald's blog: Travelling by hyperloop could theoretically get you from Toronto to Montreal in 1 hour, or Edmonton to Calgary in 30 minutes

20 years of living in space: What's next for the ISS?

Bob McDonald's blog: It's going to come down eventually, so how? And what might replace it?

Halloween costs more than the Canadian space program

Bob McDonald's blog: Canada's contributions in space benefit science, technology and the development of true superheroes.