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Sylvia Thomson is a producer with the CBC in Toronto. She spent several years as a producer covering politics in Washington, D.C., and Ottawa and has covered major international stories.

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Some U.S. religious leaders flout COVID-19 restrictions with large gatherings

Religious service, steeped as it is in community, is one area where people are finding it hard to avoid gathering amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And while some churches in the U.S. are finding innovative ways to continue services, such as conducting them virtually, a few are still gathering in person, potentially exposing many people to the novel coronavirus.

'I don't want anyone calling my kid coronavirus': Asian Americans fear COVID-19 backlash

Some Asian Americans say they feel betrayed by their president's use of racially charged terms like "Chinese virus" to describe the coronavirus pandemic and are steeling themselves for possible violence and racist attacks against their community.

Canadian fire crews cheered in Australia as front-line teams prepare for the worst

Exhausted after a nearly 16-hour flight from the opposite side of the world, Canadian wildfire specialists were cheered by Australians on arrival this week at Sydney’s airport.

Boeing CEO's testimony 'too little, too late' for Canadians who lost relatives in 737 crash

The Canadian families of those killed in Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 say they're leaving this week's hearings into the 737 Max with an even stronger resolve to continue legal action against plane-maker Boeing.

Relatives of Canadians killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash arrive home with remains after 7-month wait

Members of several Canadian families who lost loved ones in the Ethiopian Airlines crash last March landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Tuesday morning along with seven caskets carrying the remains of their relatives.

Raptors' Masai Ujiri on winning, losing Kawhi Leonard, 'the shove,' and his own future with the team

In an exclusive interview, Raptors president Masai Ujiri talks about winning, losing Kawhi Leonard, that controversial shove in Oakland, the fallout from the DeMar DeRozan trade, and his perspective on his own future with the team.
CBC in Ethiopia

Grief and anger as families try to identify loved ones killed in Ethiopia Airlines crash

Five groups of Canadians connected to victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash have now arrived in Addis Ababa, a senior Canadian government official told CBC News on Wednesday.
CBC in Haiti

'I was fed up': Meet the Haitian-Canadian activist who helped spark anti-corruption demonstrations in Haiti

"They [politicians] took this money and just spent it on houses, on boats ... This is nonsense," said Gilbert Mirambeau Jr., a 35-year-old Haitian-Canadian, who posted a photo of himself on Twitter last summer which helped to kick-start today’s movement.

Voices from a Haitian hospital: Bullet wounds, shortages and frustration

Since Feb. 7, protests have erupted across Haiti over billions of dollars in allegedly misappropriated government dollars and a devaluation of the Haitian currency, the gourde.
CBC in Haiti

Haiti braces for return to violence as government calls for calm

Many people in Haiti are bracing for violent protests across the country as political leaders urged citizens to return to normal activities on Monday following 11 days of anti-government riots that have forced the closure of schools and many businesses.

'Predictive policing': Law enforcement revolution or just new spin on old biases? Depends who you ask

Where will the next crime happen? Who might commit it? The Los Angeles Police Department is using computer algorithms to try and predict crime in order to prevent it - and not everyone is happy.

Facebook's 'unpleasant underbelly' policed by thousands of content reviewers worldwide

Content reviewing is one of the fastest-growing, entry-level job sectors in Silicon Valley as social media platforms fight to rid their platforms of ever-growing amounts of toxic content.

Here's what Prince Harry learned from Diana about power of compassion, stigma of HIV

Princess Diana's courageous health activism is reappearing in her son Prince Harry's actions - and even his wedding plans.

Saudi women hope right to drive paves road to bigger freedoms

On International Women's Day, Saudi women are celebrating some of their hard-fought freedoms - and hoping for more.

MPs prepare to head south to dissuade asylum seekers in U.S. from heading north once protected status expires

Members of Parliament are planning trips to the U.S. in the coming weeks to try to stem a potential new flow of asylum seekers to Canada that could result if the U.S. doesn't renew the temporary protected status of Haitian and other immigrants later this month.