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Susan Bradley is a journalist in Halifax.

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Halifax urged to waive breakfast program volunteers' fees for criminal record checks

Nourish Nova Scotia, which runs breakfast programs at provincial schools, is urging Halifax regional municipality to waive its $30 fee for criminal background checks for its volunteers.

Dead female North Atlantic right whale found in Gulf of St. Lawrence

A scientist says the death of a female North Atlantic right whale found drifting in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Wednesday is a major concern because healthy females are needed to restore the endangered population.

Securities regulators warn public about convicted fraudster Weizhen Tang

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission are warning the public not to invest money with Toronto-based investment manager Weizhen Tang or any companies associated with him.

Barack Obama to speak in Halifax on Nov. 13

Former U.S. president Barack Obama has visited a number of Canadian cities over the past year and is coming to Halifax in November.

Two more months of traffic pain until CN finishes rail bridge replacement

The closure of Quinpool Road from the Armdale Roundabout to Connaught Avenue has put tremendous pressure on Chebucto Road and shortened the tempers of commuters.

Halifax D-Day ceremony commemorates journey of Canadian soldiers to Juno Beach

From Halifax, many soldiers were sent to join allies and storm Juno Beach in France in the remarkable military and political achievement known as D-Day. To commemorate its 75th anniversary, the Canadian government hosted an event in the Nova Scotia capital today.

Halifax landlords who refuse to rent to families with children get warning

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission is reminding Halifax landlords that refusing to rent to families because they have children is illegal.

N.S. regulator expected to drop gas prices at midnight

Nova Scotia's gas price regulator won't officially say if the early gas price change will be an increase or decrease, but the commodity market saw refined gasoline prices drop this week.

Retired Mountie calls decision not to charge alleged sex abuser doctor 'sickening'

A retired RCMP sergeant can't understand why Halifax police refused to lay sexual abuse charges against a doctor who's the subject of 152 complaints.

Halifax activist on global list of 100 influential people of African descent

A Halifax anti-violence activist has been named to a global list of the 100 most influential people of African descent under 40.

'Pretty discouraging': Looters ransack sailboat that ran aground off Lunenburg

Safety equipment, life raft, shackles, ropes, "anything of value" was stolen from the vessel Esprit de Corps IV after it ran aground on Cross Island early Wednesday morning.

Near and far, these Memorial Cup fans will travel anywhere for the tournament

There are hockey fans and there are Memorial Cup hockey fans. And then there's Mike Caldwell, the uber fan who attends Memorial Cup games all over the continent and a group called the Junior Hockey Junkies who do the same.

Broken cenotaph flagpole spurs patriotic students to action

After a recent windstorm broke the flagpole at the Caledonia, N.S., cenotaph, students decided to take responsibility for getting a new one in time to mark the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, France.

Extreme weather causing changes in Nova Scotia right now, says federal climatologist

Atlantic Canada is seeing the dramatic effects of climate change due to rising ocean temperatures and it's going to get worse without immediate intervention, says a senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

Game on: Nova Scotia education minister orders rugby reinstated at high schools

Education Minister Zach Churchill has ordered the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation to reinstate rugby at high schools across the province.