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Juneteenth is getting renewed attention this year. Here's what's behind it

This year, Juneteenth has been brought to the forefront, due in large part to the recent killings of Black Americans, the ensuing anti-racism protests and a Trump campaign rally initially planned for the date that drew outrage and was ultimately rescheduled. Here's the history behind the holiday.

The dog park is open again. Should you use it?

As cities and province begin to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, off-leash dog parks are being reopened. But is it safe to go back?

What is contact tracing? Here's what you need to know about how it could affect your privacy

Health experts agree contact tracing is a key measure to contain a pandemic. But is the answer a contact tracing app?

Still not sure how to best get groceries during a pandemic? Health experts have some answers

Grocery shopping is deemed essential during this pandemic. But it comes with plenty of questions and concerns. We try to provide some clarity.

'Go home and stay home.' But also exercise. How do we do that?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Canadians to "go home and stay home." Public health officials say it's okay to go out and exercise. Other local leaders are advising everyone keep 2 metres apart. We clear up some of the confusion.

Working from home for the first time? Here's how to make it a success

Working remotely demands a big mental shift and a sudden loss of the camaraderie and socializing that comes with a shared workplace. 

What you need to know about Super Tuesday

Everything you need to know about the races tonight — including where Super Tuesday came from in the first place.
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Do I have COVID-19, the flu or a cold?

The symptoms for COVID-19 can be very similar to those of the seasonal flu or even a common cold. Here's what you should do if you feel ill and are worried you have COVID-19.

How the U.S. got to the brink of war with Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal sparked a sort of tit-for-tat over about 18 months, culminating in the killing of Qassem Soleimani.

Who is Carlos Ghosn and why is he an internationally wanted man?

Interpol has issued an international notice to Lebanon for the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, the former auto industry executive who became a fugitive after he turned up in Lebanon on Tuesday. Here's what you need to know about him and his daring escape from Japan.

Flight shaming, offsets and electric planes: How aviation is tackling climate change

The perceived hypocrisy of people flying from all corners of the globe to tackle the climate crisis at the COP 25 conference in Madrid has led to calls for an air travel ban for participants. But what is the broader airline industry doing to reduce emissions?

'I cringed': How some former and current soldiers reacted to Don Cherry's poppy comments

How soldiers — retired and serving — heard Don Cherry's words about who wears the poppy.

Behind the anger: why so many people are protesting around the world right now

The flashpoints driving current unrest around the world are as diverse as the people pouring into the streets. Here's a look at what's driving the anger.

I've cast my ballot. Now what happens?

How all the votes get counted on election night.

Need to catch up before election day? Here are some highlights from the past 6 weeks

It may have started off slowly, but as with any campaign, there were plenty of highlights (or lowlights, depending on your point of view).