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Shannon started preparing for her career with CBC at the ripe old age of two, when she could be found running through the house yelling "from coast to coast and around the world on shortwave, this is As it Happens!" She is currently the host and producer of CBC Calgary News at 11, where she wraps up the news of the day, be it local, national or international. You can reach her at:

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Chuckwagon driver banned from future Calgary Stampedes after latest horse death this year

A driver has been fined $10,000 and banned from competing in this Calgary Stampede and future ones after a horse died in Thursday's chuckwagon races.

Back at it again: Norwegians make another attempt at lifting the Maud

A team of Norwegians are once again trying to lift a sunken ship from shallow waters in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, where it’s been resting for decades. They've been trying to repatriate the Maud for years.

N.W.T. residents step up to help former Northerners affected by fire

Northern generosity has been on display in the wake of a wildfire that has destroyed homes in Fort McMurray, as two former N.W.T. families receive support from residents in the territory.

Yellowknife LGBTQ community wants more inclusive health care system

A group working in Yellowknife to end homophobia, harassment and bullying says the health department needs to do a better job supporting the territory’s LGBTQ population.

Statistics Canada releases fact sheets on Inuit regions

Inuit living in Inuit Nunangat are more likely to live in crowded homes, are less likely to have post secondary education credentials and are less likely to live with both of their parents than non-aboriginal people in the same area, according to new data released by Statistics Canada.

Northern designers, Preloved stage fashion show at Yellowknife's snow castle

Yellowknife's snow castle was transformed into a fashion house Wednesday as models took to the stage to show off the work of four northern designers.

Bison on 'excursion' venture near Bluefish Dam north of Yellowknife

Bison have been spotted grazing 25 kilometres north of Yellowknife, an area quite far from their usual range.

Public consultations on N.W.T. junior kindergarten to follow $150K review

After spending $150,000 on a review that asked 460 people what they thought about the Northwest Territories' junior kindergarten program, the education minister says public consultations on the same topic will start in the next few months.

Terra X gold drilling may occur near Yellowknife-area cabins

Terra X Minerals says the winter 2016 exploration drilling program at its Yellowknife City Gold project may include work that, for the first time, moves drills close to recreational cabins.

Yellowknife's Northlands Trailer Park owners to start paying back sewer loan

The final phase of the water and sewer saga at Yellowknife's Northlands Trailer Park is about to begin as residents start paying back the city the cost of repairs Feb. 1.

Nunavut's Shoot for Success program expands to Qikiqtani region

Shoot for Success, a program aimed at increasing attendance at Nunavut schools by offering kids the chance to win tickets to an NHL game, is expanding this year to include the Qikiqtani region.

Yellowknife food prices rising 2x as fast as national average

The consumer price index for October shows the price of groceries in Yellowknife went up by 6.7 per cent in the past year, compared to the Canadian average of 3.1 per cent.