Sex, Lives and Smartphones

The National presents a two-part series that examines how smartphones are changing the way we live our lives. They have changed how we interact with our families, our colleagues and how we engage with what's going on around us.

Part Two - Friday, June 3

Are you finding it hard to meet your mate?  There's an App for that. Paul Hunter examines how smartphones are changing the world of dating.  

The introduction of smartphones into the workplace has drastically altered the way we do business.  Senior business correspondent Amanda Lang looks at the intersection of technology and our working lives.

Part One - Friday, May 27

Mobile devices have become virtual extensions of ourselves and they reach into every area of our lives.  So what does this constant connectivity do to the brain?  Ioanna Roumeliotis finds out by speaking to scientists who have been studying the effects of communication devices on brains in development.

Many believe that they simply cannot live without their mobile devices, but what if you had to give them up?  The National follows two families as they attempt to give up using their mobile devices for seven days.

Do you think you could go for a week without using your mobile device?  Post your comment below.