Does a blue jay for mascot suit Toronto's baseball team?

Bird experts try to teach CBC's Nick Purdon more about the bird Toronto's baseball team chose as its mascot.

Bird experts weigh in on choice of bird

Did the Blue Jays choose the right bird as mascot?

6 years ago
Bird experts weigh in on whether the blue jay is the right mascot for Toronto's baseball team. 3:12

Ever since Toronto clinched a baseball playoff spot for the first time in 22 years, it's been all about the Blue Jays. There's no other bird anyone in the country is talking about.

So CBC's Nick Purdon figures it's time to get to know this avian. He went and checked out blue jays in the wild with a couple of avid birders to find out if the mascot really suits Toronto's team.

As Royal Ontario Museum ornithologist and sports fan Mark Peck puts it, "If the baseball team plays with as much heart as the birds show in everyday life, we'll be fine. We've got nothing to worry about."

Watch Nick Purdon's full story in the player at the top of this page, or here.

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