The importance of small-town Pride parades; Chris Hall on interviewing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; helping those hit hardest by Afghanistan’s deadly earthquake; and the surprising roots of tree poaching

Some small towns across Canada are celebrating their first ever Pride parades. Guest host Duncan McCue discusses the importance of LGBT representation in smaller towns and rural areas, with Greg Klassen in Altona, Man., Trevor Taylor on Fogo Island in Newfoundland, and Kjerstina Larsen in Vanderhoof, B.C. Plus, the CBC’s Chris Hall gives us a sneak peek of his upcoming interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Then, as Afghanistan digs out from one of its deadliest earthquakes in decades, we talk to Islamic Relief aid workers Ajmal Majboor and Mohammed Golam Sorwar about efforts to help those in hard-hit, remote areas. And in her new book Tree Thieves: Crime and Survival in North America's Woods, Lyndsie Bourgon explores the environmental impact of tree poaching, and the social and economic factors driving it.

The importance of small-town Pride parades

Some small towns across Canada are celebrating their first ever Pride parades. Guest host Duncan McCue discusses the importance of LGBT representation in smaller towns and rural areas, with Greg Klassen in Altona, Man., Trevor Taylor on Fogo Island in Newfoundland, and Kjerstina Larsen in Vanderhoof, B.C.

Lethbridge family's rainbow house has become a symbol of joy and LGBTQ solidarity 

When Kim Siever painted his Lethbridge, Alta., house in rainbow colours, he says he hoped it would bring his neighbours joy and serve as a symbol "solidarity and support for the queer community."

LGBTQ teen dance in Sydney, N.S., undeterred by alleged threats, say organizers

Queer prom will go ahead on Friday and Cape Breton police say they will be on hand to prevent any violence.

Testing requirement for US air travel lifted; What are you doing for pride?

If you're travelling anytime soon, there are big changes on the horizon. CBC has learned the government will announce it will soon end the "mandatory random arrival testing" at airports. And if you're travelling to the US --reports say the Biden administration will announce that the Covid testing requirement to enter the country will be lifted, as of this Sunday. What will be the impact of these changes? How do they affect your travel plans? In our second half - Pride events are back. How are you celebrating Pride?



Health Minister explains why it took feds 7 years to lift blood donation ban for gay men

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos tells Power & Politics why it took the government seven years to lift the ban on blood donations from gay men, something the prime minister promised to do back in 2015.
CBC Kids News

Trans, gay teens on how 'don't say gay' law and Texas order harm LGBTQ kids

LGBTQ teens speak out against Florida’s ‘don’t say gay’ bill and a Texas order aimed at blocking gender-affirming care for transgender kids.

Landscape of Disgrace

Ultranationalism requires an enemy. In Poland, that means sexual minorities. Municipalities across the country are passing anti-LGBT measures. But activists are fighting back, despite the legal odds and the physical violence.

This U.K. man convicted under an anti-gay law 40 years ago may finally get a pardon

The U.K. government announced Tuesday that it will expand a program launched in 2012 that allowed thousands of gay and bisexual men to clear their convictions under now-abolished anti-gay laws. 



Jumbotron kiss 'emotional' for couple and 'important' for LGBTQ community

Robyn and Jan Hickey have loved each other for nine years and hockey even longer.

Sisler High School GSA comes together to support trans community

Students at Sisler High School came together to show their support for members of the transgender community at the school and to remember lives that have been lost to violence.



'I wanted to exist in the world as who I was'

From accessing health care, to celebrating their new selves at a distance, Hannah Hodson and Sophie McCarrell say despite the challenges of transitioning during a pandemic, they felt they could not wait.
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Can a trans man find happiness in Labrador? I'm about to find out

Mason Woodward was born and raised in central Labrador, a place known for harsh winters and even harsher mosquitoes — but not for its LGBT community.

These kids' books depicting 'joyful, queer stories' are being censored in Hungary and Russia

Spanish-American writer and translator Lawrence Schimel says pushback to his colourful board books has only made him more determined to get them into the hands of the "rainbow families" that need them most.

He was Black, gay and bipolar — and he forever changed the face of modern dance

More than three decades after his death, a new film explores the many facets American dancer and choreographer Alvin Ailey, an intensely private man whose legacy is still being felt today.

LGBTQ+ coalition writes report card for provincial election parties

Amid Pride celebrations, a group of twenty organizations have banded together to evaluate the Liberals, PCs, NDPs, and Greens on their platforms, based on their promises to meet LGBTQ+ needs in this province.

How non-binary Filipinos reconcile their identities with their language's lack of LGBT terms

Non-binary Filipino are pushing for more discussion on how the Tagalog language can develop to be more inclusive of LGBT people.

Sudbury Pride is gearing up for Pride Week celebrations

The chair of Sudbury Pride says it's been a tough year for 2SLGBT people. He joined us to talk about why the upcoming pride week feels so significant this year.

'Living their truth': Serpent River First Nation marks its 1st Pride celebration

Serpent River First Nation, an Ontario community of 400 halfway between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, celebrated Pride for the first time in what organizers say was an acknowledgment of two-spirit residents, including their ogimaa, or chief.

This couple endured 5 years of homophobic mail — until a local sleuth tracked down a suspect

Five years after LeeMichael McLean and Bryan Furze first became targets of homophobic harassment by mail, the alleged culprit has been caught and their neighbours have rallied around them in solidarity.

Celebrating LGBTQ trailblazers of past and present

June is Pride month, so this week we're featuring podcasts about, by and for the LGBT community. Featuring: Making Gay History, Greenhouse, The Log Books, Chosen Family, Nancy



LGBT hate crimes on the rise

From burnt Pride flags to homophobic slurs, hate crimes against the LGBT population are on the rise, police data shows. And though many schools celebrate Pride month, researchers say homophobia in schools remains a problem.
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Calgary youth unpack sexuality and taboo culture in the Filipino community

The free Saturday workshop is a place to ask questions, share experiences and find acceptance in sexual and gender identities.



Halton Catholic District School Board votes against motion to fly Pride flag in June

The Halton Catholic District School Board has voted against flying the Rainbow Pride flag in front of schools during Pride Month this June. As Ali Chiasson reports, some who attended the board meeting on Monday are frustrated — but support for LGBTQ students is pouring in.

Alabama may soon make this transgender teen's medical treatment illegal

Syrus Hall, 17, says his life has improved dramatically since he started taking testosterone. But if some Alabama lawmakers have their way, the transgender teen's medical treatment will soon be illegal.