Over half of U.S. internet users watch videos online: survey

Fifty-seven per cent of adult Americans have used the internet to watch or download videos, and 19 per cent do it every day, says a new report.

Fifty-seven per cent of adult Americans have downloaded videos from the internet, and 19 per cent do it every day, says a new report.

Among broadband users who have high-speed connections at both home and work, the numbers are even higher. Seventy-four per centwatch or download videos online, the studyfound.

The survey was the first major report about online videowatching by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, anon-profit research group.

The resultswere based on telephone interviews with 2,200 Americans in February and March,conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.

Respondentswere asked about 10 different types of online video content.

The most popular category was news, with 37 per cent saying they hadwatched or downloaded news videos online. Younger adults saidthey preferredcomedy and humour.

Overall, the comedy category came in second at 31 per cent, and music and educational videos tied for thirdat 22 per cent.

Type of online video contentPercentageof adult internet users who watch or download
Animation or Cartoons19%
Movies/TV shows16%



Professionally produced video content was about three times as popularas amateur content. The survey found that young adults (aged 18-29) were the most avid video viewers; 76 per cent had viewed videos online.They were also the most likely to take part in interactive features.

"Younger users are the most eager and active contributors to the online video sphere; they are more likely than older users to watch, upload, rate, comment upon and share the video they find," said Mary Madden, lead author of the report.

Sharing of video content was also covered by the survey. "Fully 57 per cent of online video viewers share links to the videos they find online with others," the report said.

Online video portals like YouTube have gained in popularity, partly because they provide free content. "At the moment, few online video viewers are paying for any of the video they watch; just 7 per cent say they have paid to access or download video online," the report said

"The growing adoption of broadband combined with a dramatic push by content providers to promote online video has helped to pave the way for mainstream audiences to embrace online viewing."