Greenpeace loses charitable status

Revenue Canada has decided to refuse to recognize Greenpeace as a charity. The ruling was handed down this past week.

The environmental group failed for the third time to gain charitable status after it was first revoked in 1989. The decision means that the environmental group will not be able to offer income tax receipts to its donors.

Revenue Canada's charities division says that the Greenpeace Environmental Foundation can't be considered a charity because its activities "have no public benefit."

Carl Juneau writes in the report that people could be sent into poverty when mills are closed over environmental hazards.

But Greenpeace says denial of charitable status won't harm its fundraising efforts. Executive director Peter Tabuns says the work the group does is seen as important and many will be willing to continue to donate.

Tabuns disagrees with the government body's decision. He says the environmental industry has created jobs, not destroyed them.