Canada boosts university research funding

The federal government plans to inject $275.6 million into science and technology research to help place Canada among the leaders in university research and development.

The federal government plans to inject $275.6 million into science and technology research to help place Canada among the leaders in university research and development.

Industry Minister Tony Clement said the the federal government will spend $275.6 million to boost research at universities.

Industry Minister Tony Clement said Wednesday the country will use that money to fund 310 research chairs at 53 Canadian universities.

"This funding will help strengthen Canada's capacity for leading-edge research while, at the same time, building economic opportunities for Canadians," Clement said.

The investment includes $13.4 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation for research infrastructure associated with the new awards.

"The advancements and discoveries made by these researchers will have a real and lasting impact on the lives of all Canadians," said Gilles Patry, CEO of the foundation.

The chairholders will conduct research in fields including water security, molecular neuroscience and globalization.