By the numbers: Fitness levels for Canadians

A look at the numbers that show the level of fitness for Canadians; how much time we exercise, sleep and hang out.

By the numbers

44.7: Percentage of Canadians who say they are overweight and obese, respectively, according to online poll.

37.24: Percentage of adults who are actually overweight and obese, respectively, according to Statistics Canada.

42: Percentage of adults who say they get no vigorous exercise a week.

150: Number of minutes a week adults should spend engaging in moderate-to-vigorous exercise, according to proposed Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines.

17.14: Percentage of adult males and females, respectively, who actually get this amount of exercise, according to Canadian Health Measures Survey.

30-60: Number of minutes adults were supposed to spend exercising per day, according to previous guidelines.

9.5: Number of waking hours spent in sedentary pursuits by average Canadian adult.

144: Number of days a Canadian spends every year in this state.

152: Number of days each year an adult spends sleeping, according to the numbers in the report.

69: The remainder, or how many days a Canadian spends a year not sleeping or inactive.

Canadian Health Measures Survey