Nicole Mortillaro

Senior reporter, science

Based in Toronto, Nicole covers all things science for CBC News. As an amateur astronomer, Nicole can be found looking up at the night sky appreciating the marvels of our universe. She is the editor of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the author of several books. In 2021, she won the Kavli Science Journalism Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for a Quirks and Quarks audio special on the history and future of Black people in science. You can send her story ideas at

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Archaeology is rooted in racism and colonialism, say scientists. Here's how we rewrite 'everyone's history'

Uncovering the lost history of Black resistance in Niagara Falls rewrites 'everyone’s history'

Goodbye, dark sky. The stars are rapidly disappearing from our night sky

A new study has found that the night sky may be brightening faster than once thought, and that has consequences for humans, ecosystems and more.

There's a new comet in the sky. Here's how you can see it for yourself

The year has started off with a rare treat for sky-watchers: A recently discovered comet that may soon be brightening. And Canada is in a perfect location to see it.

2022 was another record hot year. Experts say we must prepare for more climate-related disasters

2022 was the fifth-warmest year on record, the European-based climate service Copernicus reported on Tuesday. What makes this particularly concerning is that the warming trend continues even in light of a cooling climate phenomenon called La Nina.

Moonshots, meteors and planets: Here are just a few things to look forward to in space in 2023

A lot happened in space news in 2022 — from the James Webb Space Telescope providing us with stunning images and data from exoplanets, to the first launch of the Artemis moon program, beautiful lunar eclipses and planet-viewing. The action will continue in 2023. Here are just some things to look forward to.

Hurricanes, derechos and more: Top 10 Canadian weather stories of 2022

While 2022 wasn’t as bad weather-wise as 2021, there was still a lot of severe weather Canadians had to deal with this year. Here's Environment and Climate Change Canada's Top 10 stories of the year.
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What is nuclear fusion and why is it such a big deal?

The U.S. Department of Energy on Tuesday announced a breakthrough in nuclear fusion, a way of producing clean energy that scientists have been working on since the 1940s. So what exactly is it, why is it so important and what does it mean for the future?

The year's 'most dependable' meteor shower peaks this week. Here's how and when to watch

The nights are longer as the cold weather settles in, but that’s a good thing if you love to stargaze. And this week is a perfect time to turn your eyes to the skies. On Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning, the most active meteor shower of the year peaks.

How you can watch Mars disappear behind the full moon tonight

If you happen to have clear skies on Wednesday night, you’ll be able to catch a planet disappearing behind the moon.

Canada is leading the way on health care for astronauts — to be used here on Earth, too

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is working to develop technology to be used in space to help astronauts stay as safe as they possibly can. But the bonus? That technology is first being developed for those of us living on Earth.