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Dan Misener is a technology journalist for CBC radio and CBCNews.ca. Find him on Twitter @misener.

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Apple and Google say goodbye to auto-play video ads

The days of annoying auto-play video ads may be numbered. Google and Apple have announced ad-blocking features that will likely be rolled out in the next year.

WannaCry sheds light on where malware might attack next

Hundreds of thousands of computers around the world have been infected by ransomware in the past few days. CBC tech columnist Dan Misener looks at where the next big attack could take place.

Is Facebook using all your 'feels' to sell you stuff?

Report claims Facebook is tracking users emotions and targeting ads accordingly.

Netherlands town installs traffic lights for pedestrians walking and texting

It's dubbed "wexting" — walking while texting. So-called distracted walking can certainly be annoying, and some argue it's a public safety hazard. Now, a small town in the Netherlands is testing a novel approach to address those safety concerns.

Selfie paradox: People want fewer selfies on social media but keep posting selfies themselves

Approximately one in every three photos taken these days is a selfie. Despite their popularity, new research suggests most people wish there were fewer.

App aims to keep couples happy in relationship with quiz-style game

There's a huge number of apps and services that promise to help you find love. But there are about a handful of apps specifically designed for people who have already found love. Happy Couples is one of them. CBC technology columnist Dan Misener explores the quiz-style game, aimed at keeping relationships together.

MIT researchers one step closer to device that interprets tone of conversations

This week, researchers from MIT will present their research into a wearable computer that can predict the emotional tone of a conversation, using artificial intelligence. The prospective device could help people with social anxiety and Asperger syndrome.

Tech execs trash Trump travel ban

The U.S. tech sector has widely criticized President Donald Trump's travel ban. What could it mean for Canadian tech companies?

Is the pen mightier than the mouse?

Are laptops in the classroom a helpful tool, or a digital distraction? A new research study suggests that using (or not using) a laptop or tablet in class has measurable results on students' test scores.

Facebook's crackdown on fake news spreads to Germany

With Germany's federal election looming, Facebook has announced new tools to help curb the spread of misinformation in that country.