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Dan Misener is a technology journalist for CBC radio and CBCNews.ca. Find him on Twitter @misener.

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Google's anti-terrorism plan creates a game of whack-a-mole

For years, online video has been be a powerful recruitment tool for violent extremists. Now, online giant Google has announced a new plan to combat terrorist content online. But will its plan work?

Apple and Google say goodbye to auto-play video ads

The days of annoying auto-play video ads may be numbered. Google and Apple have announced ad-blocking features that will likely be rolled out in the next year.

This summer, go on a hike with friends, even if they're not actually with you

The first day of summer is just two weeks away, and that means unplugging from technology and heading out to beaches, barbecues and outdoor activities. Or does it? New Canadian research suggests the next big thing in summertime fun might be video-conferencing.

WannaCry sheds light on where malware might attack next

Hundreds of thousands of computers around the world have been infected by ransomware in the past few days. CBC tech columnist Dan Misener looks at where the next big attack could take place.

Is Facebook using all your 'feels' to sell you stuff?

Report claims Facebook is tracking users emotions and targeting ads accordingly.

Say what? How a Canadian company can clone your voice

Computer voices are about to get a lot more convincing. A new Canadian startup says it can clone your voice and make you say anything.

How one app wants to make you smarter while you wait

Frustrated by slow technology? A new tool from MIT will make that time wasted waiting for your tech more productive.

Brickerbot wants to break your devices

A new kind of malware could make your smart devices as useful as bricks. But there are ways to protect yourself.

How a sticky note could make you more productive at work

New research suggests that video chat can hurt your job performance.

Netherlands town installs traffic lights for pedestrians walking and texting

It's dubbed "wexting" — walking while texting. So-called distracted walking can certainly be annoying, and some argue it's a public safety hazard. Now, a small town in the Netherlands is testing a novel approach to address those safety concerns.