Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald is the host of CBC Radio's award-winning weekly science program, Quirks & Quarks. He is also a science commentator for CBC News Network and CBC-TV's The National. He has received 12 honorary degrees and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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New evidence of recent volcanic activity on Mars raises the possibilities of subterranean life

Bob McDonald's blog: Recent volcanic eruption and ongoing seismic activity in the same region on Mars suggests the planet is far from a cold, inactive world

Falling rocket booster points to lack of regulations on space junk

Bob McDonald's blog: There are no international laws to control potentially dangerous orbital debris.

This mission to deep space could last a lifetime — or even more

Bob McDonald's blog: Planning a mission to be handed off to future generations represents wonderful foresight in science

First breathable air produced on another planet

Bob McDonald's blog: An experiment on the Mars Perseverance rover produced oxygen from carbon dioxide sucked out of the thin Martian air.

A new era of flight on other worlds

Bob McDonald's blog: Powered flight on Mars could be the first step to atmospheric flight on other planets or moons

Suggestions of a new force echo the ancient quest for fundamental elements

Bob McDonald's blog: The quest to understand the nature of matter and reality is ancient — and continuing

Solar canal concept could be a win for clean energy and water conservation

Bob McDonald's blog: Solar panels suspended over large irrigation canal networks could generate useful power and reduce losses due to evaporation of water used for irrigation.

50 years ago, we flew to the moon. Here's why we can't do that today

This week marks 50 years since the first flight to the moon. Quirks & Quarks host Bob McDonald looks at some of the reasons why getting to the moon now, decades later, is harder than ever.

Federal report reveals complex changes taking place in our oceans

Bob McDonald's blog: Strategically protecting marine areas could help boost biodiversity, fisheries and help mitigate climate change

Birthday balloon inspires speculation about alien life

Habitable planets that don't resemble Earth might host life of a very different kind