Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald is the host of CBC Radio's award-winning weekly science program, Quirks & Quarks. He is also a science commentator for CBC News Network and CBC-TV's The National. He has received 12 honorary degrees and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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Moth wings could inspire a new generation of soundproofing material

Bob McDonald's blog: The moth's wings can absorb up to 87% of incoming sound, a handy trait when being hunted by a bat

Hopes for a new generation of electric hydrofoils — a tech with Canadian roots

Bob McDonald's blog: Swedish study finds hydrofoil technology could reduce consumption of fossil fuels used in ships by no less than 80 per cent.

Tom Cruise goes hypersonic in new Top Gun movie, but doing it in real life is a challenge

Bob McDonald's blog: The movie's fictional Darkstar aircraft is based on historical innovations in hypersonic flight

As NASA plans for Mars, Canada works to keep Mars voyagers healthy

Bob McDonald's blog: A priority for Canadian space science, remote medicine, will allow us to keep astronauts healthy on a Mars mission, and has important applications in remote areas on Earth as well.

Time to consider the impact of rocket exhausts on the atmosphere

Bob McDonald's blog: Researchers analyze how frequent future rocket launches could significantly impact the Earth's climate

Europe's space agency needs your eyeballs to study a comet

Bob McDonald's blog: Human eyes are really good at spotting subtle changes on a comet's surface from various viewpoints

Join astronomers under the stars to appreciate the magnificence of our universe

Bob McDonald's blog: May 7 is the unofficial holiday Astronomy Day, and stargazers around the world will be marking the day with public events.

NASA will fly to an asteroid we once thought could strike Earth

Bob McDonald's blog: An asteroid we once thought was on a collision course with Earth will now be visited by a repurposed spacecraft when the space rock passes close in 2029.

Scientists say a return to Uranus should be a highest priority

Bob McDonald's blog: In 1986 Voyager flew by the distant giant planet, but we haven't been back since, and now a U.S. advisory panel says its time to give Uranus a close look.

Does a Canadian millionaire's private flight to the space station mark a new era in space travel?

Bob McDonald's blog: Mark Pathy paid $55M for his ticket to the publicly funded space station. In the future, space tourists may be visiting a private space station.