A look at how astronaut Scott Kelly spent his year in Space

Repairs, experiments and the occasional selfie were part of a year on the International Space Station for astronaut Scott Kelly.

With repairs, experiments and the occasional selfie, Kelly's time on the ISS was a mix of work and pleasure

Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth on Wednesday after an unprecedented year in space for NASA. Here's a pictorial look at how he spent his time, starting with a few snaps to let the folks at home know all is well.


Kelly took a selfie that also shows the Cupola, a special module which provides a 360-degree viewing of the Earth and the space station, aboard the International Space Station

(Scott Kelly/NASA/Reuters)

Scott also got to take a spacewalk selfie

Kelly was able to snap a quick selfie during a spacewalk last December. 

And do augmented reality experiments

The Microsoft HoloLens is part of NASA's project Sidekick, which is exploring the use of augmented reality to reduce crew training requirements and increase the efficiency at which astronauts can work in space.

(NASA/Getty Images)

Which is probably more fun than a flu experiment

Kelly gave himself a flu shot for an ongoing study on the human immune system.

(NASA/Getty Images)

Or a lettuce experiment

This lettuce, sampled with astronaut Kjell Lindgren, was harvested as part of a science experiment.  


Eating fruit kept Kelly healthy

Visiting cargo ships often carry a small cache of fresh food for crew members aboard the International Space Station. 


And who could resist an ISSpresso?

This espresso device allows crews to make hot beverages such as tea, coffee and broth.


Or a space burger

Kelly was able to relax with a good movie

And pretend he was in a good movie, too

He was also able to watch a bit of football during his downtime

Kelly took a break aboard the International Space Station to root for the Houston Texans during their Jan. 9, 2016, game on home turf.

(NASA/Getty Images)

And watch the Super Bowl

The astronaut saw some really great sunrises

Kelly shared this photo of a sunrise as seen from the International Space Station.

(Scott Kelly/NASA/Reuters)   

And Calgary from above, at night

Kelly took this photo of Calgary as seen at night.

(Scott Kelly/NASA/Reuters)

Kelly also got to watch storms

... celebrate a few holidays

... and mark special occasions

Kelly shared his experimental year with crew member Mikhail Kornienko of Roscosmos, who celebrated their 300th consecutive day in space on Jan. 21, 2016. 

(NASA/Getty Images)

But there's nothing quite like getting home safe and sound

Kelly concluded his space mission, landing near the town of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan on March 2, 2016. 

(Kirill Kudryavtsev/Reuters)


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