Apple's iTunes celebrates 10th anniversary

The music world hasn't been the same since Apple launched its online music store for iPods and Mac computers 10 years ago Sunday.

Online music outlet hit milestone of 25 billion song downloads in 2013

iTunes anniversary

10 years ago
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Apple's iTunes store launched 10 years ago, revolutionizing music retail distribution

The music world hasn't been the same since Apple's launch a decade ago of iTunes, its online music store for iPods and Mac computers.

As music moved into the digital age, the industry came to a difficult crossroads with the emergence of file-sharing programs such as Napster.

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, predicted the birth of iTunes would revolutionize electronic music and dominate the industry. The program that was introduced 10 years ago Sunday changed music consumption by unbundling albums and creating an à la carte system.

Within a few years of its launch, the outlet became the No. 1 music retailer in the world.

In its decade of existence, iTunes has grown to include all types of media, ranging from podcasts and television shows to movies and apps. In February 2013, it reached a significant landmark of 25 billion song downloads worldwide.

Apple created an interactive timeline to celebrate its milestone birthday that is available to download to iTunes users.

CBC's Christine Birak speaks with Canadian broadcaster and music writer Alan Cross on the history of iTunes and the impact it's had on the industry.