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Sam Samson is a multimedia journalist who has worked for CBC in Manitoba and Ontario as a reporter and associate producer. Before working for CBC, she studied journalism and communications in Winnipeg. You can get in touch on Twitter @CBCSamSamson or email

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Manitoba survivors of COVID-19 call for more mental health supports

Manitobans who survived COVID-19 say the experience was an emotional roller coaster, and are calling for more mental health supports.

'It just wears you down': Essential workers describe pandemic struggles, coping strategies

Only about 40 per cent of Canadians can work from home during the pandemic, leaving millions to head out the door each day to face stress and potential exposure to COVID-19.

'A dream' or an emotional roller-coaster? Working from home has range of mental health effects

Thousands of Manitobans are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some say they're thriving, others have had enough.

As CERB ends, some Manitobans say they're facing a new round of financial anxiety

Manitobans are facing higher levels of anxiety and stress due to changing financial situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to one Winnipeg-based psychologist's study.

Birding during the pandemic: Basics for beginner birdwatchers in Manitoba

Birds are part of everyday life in the Prairies — and the pandemic, when "we can all use a little less stress in our lives," may be the perfect time to pick up birdwatching, says a Manitoba biologist.

Manitoba communities go online, outside to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day during pandemic

Indigenous communities in Manitoba are finding new ways to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Winnipeg woman calls for more education on transgender people after Portage Place assault

A Winnipeg woman who was attacked at Portage Place shopping centre says it wouldn't have happened if there was more education about transgender people in Manitoba schools.

Winnipeg police use of force slightly increased, report itself met with criticism

A Winnipeg Police Service report states less than one per cent of calls for service in 2019 required use of force, but some say that doesn't show the whole story.

A year after MMIWG inquiry's final report, Manitoba advocates say they're disappointed by lack of progress

Some of the people who worked on, or testified for, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls say they've heard "nothing" from different levels of government since the final report was published almost one year ago.

Manitobans 'ecstatic' to gather in larger groups after months of isolation

Manitobans are taking full advantage of the first weekend in almost two months that they've been allowed to gather in groups larger than 10.

Camping during COVID: What first-timers need to know in Manitoba

Manitobans are adding hand sanitizer to their camping checklists this season as more people are swapping their far-away travel plans for in-province trips during COVID-19.

Tataskweyak community members close highway into Manitoba Hydro's Keeyask site to prevent COVID-19 spread

A group of people from Tataskweyak Cree Nation are blocking traffic on the only road into Manitoba Hydro’s Keeyask generating station construction site, to stop the spread of COVID-19 in their community. 

Winnipeg-born hockey players get cut, investigated by teams for comments on group chat

A group of Winnipeg-born hockey players connected with a sexist group chat are being either let go from their teams or investigated, after screenshots from the private chat were made public earlier this week.

Winnipeg woman focusing on body positivity after being targeted by hockey players' misogynistic slurs

A Winnipeg woman who was a subject of misogynistic comments in a private group chat involving NHL players said she will continue her campaign of encouraging body acceptance.

Physical distancing a challenge in the tight confines of commercial kitchens, workers say

The Manitoba government has strict rules for restaurants to follow when it comes to protecting customers and cleaning the area, but physical distancing rules aren't set in stone in such tight quarters.