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UBC advises exchange students in Hong Kong to leave amid clashes

The University of British Columbia has advised its 32 students participating in a study abroad program in Hong Kong to leave due to the ongoing tensions.

Plot twist: Neurologist turns her hand to romance writing and grabs the prize

There were always clues that aspiring novelist Dr. Anne Lipton would be coaxed into the world of make-believe, fantasy and adventure.

Ts'msyen artist honours matriarchs and activists with new exhibition

Morgan Asoyuf's Royal Portrait exhibition at Vancouver's Bill Reid Gallery uses jewelry, carvings and portraits to honour Indigenous matriarchs and activists.

An etiquette expert's guide to being less of a West Coast flake about invitations

If you've ever planned a party, you might have fallen victim to the frustration of a last-minute cancellation. Here's how you can be a better guest — and a smarter host.
Growing Vegan

Vancouver coffee lovers jump on the oat milk bandwagon

Oat milk may just be oats and water, but Vancouver’s foremost coffee connoisseur says the city can’t get enough of the non-dairy alternative.

Michael Moore on being a good neighbour, Trudeau's blackface and returning to VIFF

Thirty years after Michael Moore's "Roger & Me" arrived at the Vancouver Film Festival, Moore returns to the film festival to talk about the film, his career, and what's next.
Growing Vegan

The moral market: How a rise in ethical consumption pushed veganism mainstream

Part of the increased interest in vegan, plant-based products is fueled by a bigger societal shift about how we view our consumer choices.
Pomp and Pressure

High-school group promotes self-care as buffer against stress and anxiety

Students at Vancouver's University Hill Secondary are part of an after-school course that teaches them about the impact of stress and anxiety on the brain.

NASA astronaut stands in as 'mother goose' for UBC study on high-flying geese

Astronaut Jessica Meir trained a group of bar-headed geese to fly in a wind tunnel as part of a study looking at the effect of oxygen levels at different altitudes.

Remembering the police officer who penned the lyrics for one of Canada's most popular songs

Dave Richardson, a police officer on Vancouver Island who penned the lyrics of the legendary 1972 hit Wildflower by B.C. band Skylark, died last week aged 77.

Forever a Mission, B.C., girl, Carly Rae Jepsen's homecoming a family affair

The Mission, B.C., pop star kicked off her first headlining tour of Canada for her latest album in Vancouver — with her family in the crowd.

Feds recognize Tse'K'wa, ancient cave north of Fort St. John, with national historic designation

The archaeological site and spiritual centre has greatly contributed to understanding the lives of early Canadians from as early as 12,500 years ago.

Totem pole raising 50 years ago sparked 'reawakening,' Haida artist says

Acclaimed artist Robert Davidson recalls how he and his brother decided to carve a Haida totem pole at a scale not seen for a century.

The key to easing the student blues? Joining the varsity basketball team

University student Charles Dai struggled with English, had very few friends, and lived all by himself — but his love of basketball provided a lifeline.

'They're flat broke': Salmon fishermen demand disaster relief for failed season

With some of this year's salmon runs projected to be the lowest on record, West Coast salmon fishermen are demanding disaster relief from the federal and provincial governments.