Rob Easton

Rob Easton is a Toronto-based journalist and filmmaker who specializes in LGBT issues, social justice and intersectional politics.

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How asylum seekers and resettled refugees come to Canada

Asylum seekers and resettled refugees go through separate processes to enter Canada, as both groups come to the country through different immigration streams.

Dozens of community organizations lose funding as Public Health Agency shifts focus to prevention

People across Canada living with HIV feel abandoned by the federal government because of changes to the way the Public Health Agency of Canada funds the response to the virus, according to some organizations that provide support services.

'That's criminal to me': How Canada is failing to end HIV/AIDS at home

Two studies released last month show the tools exist to potentially end the more than three-decades-old scourge of HIV/AIDS, but activists and front-line public health workers in Canada say we simply aren't using them effectively.

'Not in my wildest dreams': Gay Syrian refugee snags spot next to Justin Trudeau for Pride parade

After a difficult three-year journey from war-torn Syria to Toronto, Bassel Mcleash was really looking forward to his first Pride parade. "The excitement ... It's overwhelming." And that was before he knew he'd be marching the entire route side by side with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Can an anti-HIV drug break down wall between HIV-positive and HIV-negative men?

Health Canada and researchers say HIV-prevention drug Truvada is another line of defence to be used along with condoms, but preliminary results from a two-year study show condomless sex between HIV-positive men and HIV-negative men taking the drug increased among the study's 52 participants.