Rebecca Zandbergen

Host, London Morning

Rebecca Zandbergen is from Ottawa and has worked for CBC Radio across the country for more than 15 years, including stops in Iqaluit, Halifax, Windsor and Kelowna.

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Fanshawe professor refuses to wear mask as first day approaches

Deven Taylor said he was suspended on Thursday after being told he was disruptive at a staff meeting the day before.

85 per cent of Canada Life downtown staff still working from home

When the pandemic struck in March, just five per cent of the company's 2,000 downtown staff remained working at Canada Life's head office at 255 Queens Ave. Today, 15 per cent of staff are back at the office.

Drugs, arson and dozens of false alarms. Why residents at 241 Simcoe have had enough

Residents at 241 Simcoe say they endure fires, frequent false alarms and rampant drugs in the building. London and Middlesex Community Housing says its hiring a security guard who will be on site within a month.

Which playground is the city's best? Here's one Londoner's review

Cindy Burfoot has made it her mission to visit and review every playground, splash pad and wading pool in London. She's been posting her reviews online.

No CFL? London-based player Jacob Ruby turns side hustle into full-time gig

Jacob Ruby of London plays for the Edmonton Football Team, and in the off season runs a property management company.

How this London cartoonist imagines kindergarten during the pandemic

Brenda Fuhrman, 72, sketched the images after her friend, a kindergarten teacher, asked her to imagine life inside the classroom during the pandemic.

They say 'love knows no borders,' but that's not the case for this Canadian-American couple

On their fifth anniversary last month, Morgan McCormick stood on Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron and video chatted her partner, Cameron Jowett of London, who was standing on the Sarnia side of the bridge.

Heard of code switching? Here's why these Western students do it

Western University students Fauzia Agbonhin, Sharon Igie-Ogiugo and Jessica Omorodion say it's been difficult navigating being Black at a predominately white school. They all say they code-switch or change their behaviour when interacting with their white peers. It's an act of self-preservation, they say.

Man remains stuck in a forensic mental health system some say is biased against Black people

Mark Waweru, 25, of London, Ont., spent two years in a hospital for three offences committed one night in 2016. He's part of a system that some experts say is difficult to leave and in which Black people are overrepresented.

Brides denied service from videographer who doesn't film 'homosexual weddings'

Mallory Arthur and Kelly Roberts, of Woodstock, Ont., got engaged earlier this year and were excited to plan their wedding. When they reached out to Brantford videographer Cara Hamstra, they were told that "we do not film homosexual weddings."

Nuts for Elliot: London, Ont., man spends the pandemic raising a squirrel

Wes Kinghorn of London, Ont. has been raising a squirrel he's named Elliott, after it was found abandoned in a nearby garden. When local animal rescue centres were unable to take the squirrel, Kinghorn decided to raise Elliott himself.

Indigenous chiefs reflect on BLM, Ipperwash and what it means to be Canadian

London Morning's Rebecca Zandbergen speaks to Joel Abram, the Grand Chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians and Jason Henry, the Chief of Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation. They talk police brutality, system racism, Ipperwash and sovereignty.

The Bakers have had a summer picnic every year since 1898. But this year's will be virtual.

The Baker family first gathered for their annual summer picnic on the Highbury Avenue homestead back in 1898. They've held a picnic every year since then.

Former London principal makes waves on Tik Tok

Catherine Zeisner was a teacher and principal with the Thames Valley District School Board for 20 years. Two years ago she moved to Spokane, Washington, where she is now an assistant professor of education at Gonzaga University.

This 58-year-old firefighter still trains despite gruelling competitions cancelled

Steve Baker has been a London firefighter for more than 30 years. The 58-year-old is two years away from retirement and a long-time FireFit competitor. He was supposed to be in Germany this week for a competition, but thanks to the pandemic, the event has been cancelled.