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Rachel Bergen is a journalist for CBC Manitoba and previously reported for CBC Saskatoon. Find her on Twitter at @r_bergen or email her at rachel.bergen@cbc.ca.

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'So thankful': Interlake communities coming together to feed 450 hydro workers

A number of communities in the Rural Municipality of West Interlake are coming together to say thank you to the workers who restored their power the best way they know how — with food.

Storm damage to hydro system could cost record $100M or more, Manitoba Hydro says

The damage to Manitoba Hydro's power grid after a fall snowstorm that hammered the southern half of the province could cost more than $100 million to repair.

Special ballots will be used to allow hydro workers in Manitoba to vote near job sites

Elections Canada has made special accommodations to ensure hundreds of workers commissioned by Manitoba Hydro can cast their ballots on Monday, following a snowstorm that caused immeasurable damage across the province.

More evacuees from First Nations could return home this weekend: Manitoba Hydro

About 6,000 evacuees from Manitoba First Nations were registered with the Red Cross as of Saturday, most of whom are staying in Winnipeg in hotels or in an emergency shelter after last week's snowstorm caused widespread power outages.

'No doubt' Manitoba snowstorm affected advance poll turnout: Elections Canada

More than 100,000 Manitobans braved blizzard-like conditions and power outages during the advanced polling period to place their ballots, Elections Canada said Friday.

Hydro employees working on Manitoba storm cleanup will be able to vote near job sites

Manitoba Hydro workers who are in the field cleaning up after the massive snowstorm last week will be able to exercise their constitutional right to vote on Monday from outside of their polling location, a spokesperson from the Crown corporation said.

Staff cuts 'significantly impacted' Manitoba Hydro's response to storm, union says

The union that represents Manitoba Hydro workers says job cuts ordered by the province "significantly impacted" the Crown corporation's response to the snowstorm that battered southern Manitoba last week.

Tree debris cleanup could take a year, City of Winnipeg forester says

The state of trees following last week's snow storm is "absolutely devastating," says forester Martha Barwinsky.

'Like a tornado went through': Part of Portage la Prairie in the dark after storm

More than 3,000 people are still in the dark in Portage la Prairie, Man. after a severe storm hammered the southern half of the province, severely damaging hydro poles and lines.

Manitobans could face more than week-long delay to get power back after snowstorm

Hundreds of people are seeking shelter in Winnipeg after being evacuated from First Nations communities as Manitoba reels from a snowstorm that has left tens of thousands without power, and forced the province and city to declare states of emergency.

Thousands face evacuations as Manitoba calls state of emergency after snowstorm downs power lines

As many as 5,000 people may be evacuated from First Nations communities as Manitoba reels from a snowstorm that left tens of thousands of people without power at a time — including the entire city of Portage la Prairie — and forced the province and capital city to declare states of emergencies.

Red Cross supporting evacuations for 16 First Nation communities in wake of 'catastrophic' snowstorm

The Canadian Red Cross is supporting the evacuations of 16 First Nations in Manitoba after a harsh snowstorm left thousands of people without power.

At least 9 Manitoba First Nations declare states of emergency over snowstorm power outages

People living in First Nations communities in southern Manitoba are declaring their own states of emergency, and some are preparing to leave their homes after a snowstorm left thousands of people without power.

One person injured by falling tree after storm pummels southern Manitoba

Manitoba Hydro says it's working around the clock to restore power after a snowstorm walloped the southern half of the province over the last two days.

Commuter fee could help pay for Winnipeg infrastructure, researcher says

A new report says 25,000 commuters use Winnipeg roads every day, but don't pay to maintain them — and that should change.