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Canada looks for breakthrough on climate change 'loss and damage fund' at COP28

Canada anticipates the COP28 summit could see a breakthrough in efforts to set up a fund to help countries suffering from the impacts of climate change. During a background briefing with reporters, senior government officials outlined Ottawa’s priorities going into the United Nations climate summit in Dubai, which begins Thursday.

Canadian navy in critical state, could fail to meet readiness commitments: commander

The commander of the Royal Canadian Navy has released a new video warning the force is in a "critical state," with ships that are beyond their life cycles and a severe shortage of sailors to operate them.

Liberals say pharmacare legislation won't be passed this year

Liberals acknowledged the government will not be able to fulfil a key promise to New Democrats by the end of this year– passing pharmacare legislation.

Federal government reaches deal with Google on Online News Act

Google and the federal government have reached an agreement in their dispute over the Online News Act that would see Google continue to share Canadian news online in return for the company making annual payments to news companies in the range of $100 million.

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