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'This is a business proposition': Crown releases emails in Cameron Ortis trial

When Cameron Ortis approached the head of a company that was being probed by law enforcement, he allegedly told him that he had access to some highly "valuable" information and mentioned a "business proposition."

Blair steals a page from the Harper playbook to justify cuts to National Defence

For years when it was in power, the former Conservative government railed against a great, faceless bureaucracy it blamed for undermining its goals for the Department of National Defence (DND). That tactic appears to have been adopted by the current Liberal defence minister as he explains the government’s intention to cut $1 billion from the defence appropriation.

Opposition calls for overhaul of green tech fund following critical report

Opposition parties are calling on Ottawa to overhaul management of a federal green fund that has come in for some pointed criticism over its use of public funds.

'It's a new party': How Conservatives are trying to rebuild trust in Muslim communities

When Pierre Poilievre pitches the Conservative Party to Muslim Canadians, he talks about "faith, family and freedom." It's part of an effort to grow the party's presence, particularly in larger cities that are home to many racialized Canadians whose support for the Conservatives plummeted during the final months of Stephen Harper's government and his divisive 2015 campaign.

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