Women on the money: Your picks for female faces on Canadian currency

CBC News crowd-sourced social media to see which Canadian women they'd like to see on our money. There were a few, well, interesting choices.

Social media responds to Bill Morneau's call to put 'iconic' Canadian women on banknotes

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says it's time to add a woman - or women - to Canadian banknotes. Readers suggested Michelle Rempel, Nellie McClung or Roberta Bondar would be appropriate choices. (Canadian Press/CP Archives)

There isn't a Canadian woman on our currency and Finance Minister Bill Morneau says it's about time the country corrected that oversight. 

"The Bank of Canada regularly does consultations on the people and the pictures that are on our banknotes," Morneau said Wednesday while speaking to reporters in Toronto.

"I can say that I would be strongly supportive of a recommendation from the Bank of Canada to put an iconic woman or women on the banknote."

Morneau supports more women on Canadian money

6 years ago
Duration 0:34
Federal Finance Minister is asked about more women joining the Queen on Canadian currency 0:34

The Bank of Canada says it wants to reflect the diversity of our country — but they won't make any changes to the current series of polymer notes until the next major redesign around 2019. "It is what it is today," Stephen Poloz, the governor of the bank, said in 2013 when asked about making a change.

CBC News crowd-sourced social media to see which Canadian women our readers would like to see on our money. There were a few, well, interesting choices.

Do you have other suggestions? Use #showherthemoney to add your voice.

For starters, some say Canadian citizenship is strictly optional. 

One Tweeter thought the Queen is more than enough woman for the Canadian currency.

Forget women on the money — let's talk about more money for women.

Another suggests this is a pointless exercise — let's opt for some trees.

Or a woman who made a career out of painting trees.

19th century Mohawk poetess Pauline Johnson is a contender. 

The heroine of the War of 1812 — whose intelligence helped the British repel an American invasion — is a definite fan favourite.

Canada's first female astronaut is an obvious choice.

A lot of votes for Nellie McClung, a suffragette and pioneering first wave feminist, and other members of the Famous Five women who were involved in the persons case.

... but some have raised red flags about McClung's questionable racial remarks.

It's not only women from Canada's past who have made the cut.

Power Panel: Putting women on banknotes

6 years ago
Duration 4:01
Should Canada put notable women on banknotes? The Power Panel debates which women fit the bill. 4:01


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