Wednesdays with @Kady: Senate expenses questions continue

As Ottawa waited to see whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes questions on the Senate expenses scandal in Peru this afternoon, CBC Politics blogger Kady O'Malley took readers questions on the latest controversial developments.

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RAW: No questions for Harper

8 years ago
Journalists aren't allowed to ask Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the Senate expenses scandal, following his speech to caucus Tuesday. 1:55

Frustrated by their lack of access to Stephen Harper, members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery attending the prime minister's speech to his Conservative caucus Tuesday could only shout out a few of their many questions on the ongoing Senate expenses scandal.  Their attempts to get answers were ignored.

The few journalists travelling with Harper in Peru today, including the CBC's Terry Milewski, had a limited opportunity to question Harper just after our live chat. But in the meantime, CBC Politics blogger Kady O'Malley tackled our readers' questions about all the fast-changing developments.

So if you're...

  • Trying to sort out the timelines and who should have known what in the prime minister's office about Senator Mike Duffy's $90K "gift" payment from the now-departed Nigel Wright, or
  • Puzzled by who's been talking and who hasn't and why that might be, or
  • Confused by all the different Senate committees (and steering committees and sub-committees, and private committees and public-but-not-televised proceedings of the full body) and which are "independent" and which may have had "interference," or
  • Mixed up over which investigations are confirmed versus which ones are just assumed to be underway, and who asked for what inquiries (and which have real teeth), or
  • Wondering what effect today's announcement of "new rules" for Senate travel expenses could have, or
  • Baffled by anything else involving allegedly-altered committee reports, secret deals with verbal agreements or documents that may or may not exist and much, much more... we're here to help.

We may not have all the answers, but we can help sort out what's known or unknown so far and which questions remain.

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