Wednesdays with @Kady replay: 4 days until a new Liberal leader

On Sunday, the polls will close and the long race for the federal Liberal leadership will end. Party president Mike Crawley joins Kady O'Malley to discuss how things are going as the party looks forward to its next chapter.

Replay our live chat with federal Liberal party president Mike Crawley and Kady O'Malley

There's always plenty to chat about with Kady O'Malley.

This week, Liberal Party of Canada president Mike Crawley is our guest as party supporters and members continue to vote through Sunday for their next leader.

How well has the process worked for the party - from the new supporter category, to the vote format (and turnout so far)after last weekend's "showcase"? What insights have we gained and what lessons can be learned about its future prospects, based on how the contest unfolded?

Is another Trudeau coronation really all but inevitable, as many commentators suggest Justin Trudeau's lead is insurmountable? Or could we still see a surprise this weekend?

How will having a new leader change the face and strategy for the party?


New Democrats meet for their policy convention in Montreal this weekend, just as Liberals gather in Ottawa for their leadership announcement on Sunday.

Does co-operation between these two parties seem more or less likely now that both of their leadership races are (nearly) over? Is support migrating between the parties - have former Liberals turned to the more-centrist NDP under Tom Mulcair, or is there a constituency of "orange Liberals" returning to the third party, as recent public opinion polls suggest? 

Replay our live chat from earlier Wednesday:


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