Use Vote Compass to compare the party platforms with your own positions

Tired of boring Facebook quizzes? Get a real-time assessment of how your positions on the issues compare with the platforms of the major parties.

Compare the party platforms with your own positions

Vote compass: tracking campaign issues

7 years ago
Duration 6:13
Vox Pop Labs CEO Cliff van der Linden talks about key issues voters care about

Wondering where you fit in the political landscape? Vote Compass is back for the 2015 federal election.

The tool, which was designed by political scientists, prompts you to answer questions on everything from health care to foreign policy and renders a real-time assessment of how your positions on the issues compare with the platforms of the Conservatives, NDP, Liberals and Greens. If you're in a Quebec riding, you'll also be able see how your views compare with those of the Bloc Québécois.

Vote Compass has been a staple of CBC's coverage during past campaigns, but the version for the 2015 federal election has lots of new features. The tool is now fully supported on mobile phones and tablet devices running iOS and Android. You can also view your results in 3D.

Vote Compass was developed by Vox Pop Labs, an independent, non-partisan group of social researchers and data scientists. Neither Vote Compass nor Vox Pop Labs are affiliated with any political organization or interest group. 

The aim of Vote Compass is to stimulate voter engagement and encourage discussion on public policy. Results are not intended and should not be interpreted as voting advice, nor as a prediction as to which party a given user intends to vote for. It is rather an entry point into a discussion of party positions on a suite of issues relevant to the election.

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